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ABWhatsapp APK

Latest 2023

ABWhatsapp APK

the Anti-ban APK is the modified version of the official WhatsApp. You get many extra features with AB WhatsApp instead of using the official WhatsApp.

  • Updated Version
  • Anti-Ban
  • WhatsApp Extra Features

License: Freeware

App Size: ~76 MB AppSize

Version: Latest v27

AndroidVersion: 5.0&Above (Android)

Purpose: Enjoy Whatsapp Extra Features

LastAPKUpdate: Apk File Update 1 day ago

AB Whatsapp APK is the latest mod, with many more features than the official one. It provides various helpful features, including locking WhatsApp conversations, hiding/freezing last seen, and more. Now that you have this Whatsapp hack apk, you can do much more. It is widely used in India and throughout the rest of the globe.

Because it provides a distinctive and lovely interface and more customization, people adore this Whatsapp mod. You also have more protection and privacy with this Whatsapp mod than with the original Whatsapp. By selecting the download option, you can get the most recent version of AB WA from this page and most importantly you can also enjoy amazing Whatsapp packages on this app.

Do you hear about ABWhatsApp APK?

The Updated Apk is a variant of WhatsApp Plus that offers extra features over the standard WhatsApp, including the ability to manage privacy and alter the chat and home screen interfaces. The five variants of WhatsApp are Black, Red, Burgundy, Green, and Blue. These variations function alongside the original WhatsApp while using a different phone number. You can enjoy all variants of this WhatsApp.

ABWhatsapp APK

Black AB WhatsApp :

Red AB2 WhatsApp :

Burgandy AB3WhatsApp :

Green AB4WhatsApp :

Blue AB5WhatsApp :

Gold AB6WhatsApp :

Features of Apk Latest version

A messaging app called Whatsapp AB Apk is made for personal contact between people or groups. Here are some of its main characteristics:

Custom Themes

The updated Apk offers a great feature of customization that enables you to personalize the app according to your preferences. This means you can modify the colors, icons, and layout to create a distinctive and personalized interface that matches your style, making your experience unique.

Anti-Delete Messages

You can access deleted messages thanks to this practical feature. No need to inquire, “What did you delete? “With latest Apk Anti-Delete Messages feature, users can have more control over their conversations and ensure that important information is not lost due to accidental deletions.

Voice-to-Text Feature

This is a fascinating and distinctive attribute of WhatsApp AB. By transcribing your audio communication into text, you might enhance your speaking experience. To start writing your greeting, click the three dots next to the available space.

Applock is Built-In

To protect your data, you do not need to download it independently. Enter a PIN or pattern to lock the chat using this feature. Only those with the correct password can view it.


This is a WhatsApp AB add-on that, among other things, can reduce viruses, modify the visibility of archived messages, add a 5-minute status, alter settings, and control the home and chat displays. 

Call Filter

WhatsApp has a fantastic feature called Call Block. On GB Whatsapp, we periodically get calls from unknown numbers, which can be annoying. So using Call Filter is the simplest way to filter all friends. You can access any phone number you add to your contact directory. You can stop getting telemarketers’ calls by turning on phone privacy.

Hide/Lock Chats

Additionally, you can lock WhatsApp conversations using a unique PIN or pattern by using this WhatsApp Mod APK. Once the discussion has been closed, nobody can view it. Your messages will all be hidden during the chat. You must input a correct PIN or pattern to view a locked conversation.

Hide/Freeze Last Seen

In this WhatsApp setting, you can hide and freeze your last seen. It has the peculiar characteristic of having been frozen when last seen. Turn on the Freeze Last Seen option in the AB WA settings. Launch WhatsApp again to finish the procedure.

Status Downloader

This WhatsApp status includes a file for the status. With our status downloader, you can quickly copy WhatsApp status to your phone’s gallery. You don’t need a third-party application to see your WhatsApp status if you use AB Apk.


 The main goal of this Apk is to give you power over your privacy. You can control who can view your state, profile picture, and other information. If you want, you can even make specific individuals unaware of your online status.


Getting barred from WhatsApp is one of users’ main worries when using third-party applications. With AB official Apk, you won’t need to think about that, as it has an anti-ban feature that will protect you from any bans.

AB Whatsapp Apk Features
AB Whatsapp Apk Features

Regular Updates Of AB WA Apk

Another significant aspect of AB WhatsApp is adding new features and problem fixes regularly. This guarantees that using the program will always be stable and lag-free.

Voice and Video Calls Mode:

  • Dial or text unknown numbers.
  • Messages in Various Languages Can Be Translated
  • Secret Chats
  • Arrange a Note
  • Group counter-statistics
  • Present online/last viewed on the main screen
  • Transmit big files
  • Send a more significant number of pictures
  • Modify the notifications and program icon

Pros and Cons

Pros of WhatsApp

  • A simple-to-use UI.
  • Different multimedia formats are supported.
  • Encryption from end to end for anonymity.
  • Provides video conversations and group chats.
  • Accessible on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Drawbacks to WhatsApp

Cons of Whatsapp

  • File limit restriction for sharing.
  • Needs an internet link to work.
  • Group conversations may become too much to handle.

How to install and download?

For those unfamiliar how to download and install, the following steps are important since third-party websites and the Google Play Store differ. Start your preferred web browser first, then search for the most latest version.

  • Wait for it to receive after clicking the provided button.
  • The transfer will begin after a short delay.
  • The location to save the image will be requested.
  • Now, save the location from getting the AB WA Android file.
  • In a few minutes, the download will be finished.
  • Select Allow Unknown Sources in your Android device’s options.
  • Now navigate to the ABWhatsapp.apk download location.
  • Click the install icon after selecting the APK.
  • It will take a little while for the work to be finished.
  • You don’t need to do anything else to set up WhatsApp.
  • After installing the program, access it, register for WhatsApp with AB and have fun.

How is update AB Apk?

  • Follow these instructions to update AB latest Apk.
  • Navigate to the app’s options.
  • Select “Updates”
  • Next, select “check for changes.”
  • Afterward, select Refresh.


The AB WA APK Developer fixed all the ban issues, so now you can download it without fear of being banned.

AB Whatsapp Apk info

The use of WhatsApp AB is secure. So far, no reports of spyware or adware have been made. The anti-ban function also lessens the possibility of WhatsApp banning you.

It works with both iPhones and Android smartphones. It functions exceptionally well in both situations.

It does not immediately update because it is a third-party application. So, you need to obtain the most recent version of the app.

Final Words

Many Whatsapp Mods are available like GBWhatsapp and NA Whatsapp but the incredible WhatsApp Mod known as the AB WhatsApp App, users can personalize and protect their conversations. You can view contact lists and deleted messages using these unique privacy features. The chat experience will be enhanced by these tools. The conversation experience will be improved by the anti-revoke message and anti-status delete features.

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