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ANWhatsapp APK

Latest 2023

AN Whatsapp APK

The Modified version of original whatsapp is the ANWhatsapp. Download and use it you will get many features like Apk customization, privacy, team talk and progress report etc.

  • Updated Version
  • Anti-Ban
  • WhatsApp Extra Features

License: Freeware

App Size: ~74 MB AppSize

Version: Latest v34.0

AndroidVersion: 5.0&Above (Android)

Purpose: Enjoy Whatsapp Extra Features

LastAPKUpdate: Apk File Update 1 day ago

When you download the latest version 2023, you will learn why it is so popular and why users prefer it over the official WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus was developed to satisfy users with the features they requested since the official version lacks many desired features. All of the updates and new features for WhatsApp are covered in this piece.

What is AN WhatsApp app?

The Updated Apk is an advanced version of the original WhatsApp. The world of WhatsApp uses ten different versions, which developers developed. All versions have numerous extra features, including adding contacts, having more control over your privacy, and installing additional applications.

AN Whatsapp APK

Due to its many different features over the original WhatsApp, it is one of the most widely used versions of WhatsApp Plus. The current version is WhatsApp’s tenth iteration out of 10. Every version has a few extra functions. Due to features like auto-reply, self-disappearing messages, reading deleted messages, and preventing message deletion, users prefer to obtain WhatsApp APK.

What Features Does WhatsApp Offer?

It has all the functions of the standard WhatsApp chat software. In addition to text writing, it offers additional functions.

Unsaved text messages can be sent, last-seen alerts can be turned off, and more.You can also copy and download your contacts’ status updates. You can obtain more features by downloading the most recent WhatsApp APK.

The option to schedule communications is absent from the official WhatsApp app. To protect your current WhatsApp conversations, send forward texts and lock chats. The most current version that is accessible for download is WhatsApp Golden.

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Why is an unofficial WhatsApp superior to the official one?

This Apk is unique to the official WhatsApp software for various reasons. The official WhatsApp app has fewer functions than this App, for starters. In addition, this includes sending messages to people not on your contact list and concealing your online status.

An additional advantage of the latest version of AN WhatsApp+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 is that it is less likely to be prohibited by nations that have already banned WhatsApp. Accordingly, this is so because the unofficial WhatsApp app uses a separate server infrastructure.

Finally, unlike the official WhatsApp program, this App is typically more dependable and stable. Consequently, this is because it is created by a group of skilled coders constantly working to enhance the application.

Features of Latest version

A messaging app is made for personal contact between people or groups. Here are some of its main characteristics:

Security from end to end

End-to-end encryption is used by WhatsApp to guarantee the security and privacy of all messages, calls, photos, and videos sent and received.

Team Talk

The ability to create and join groups of up to 256 people on WhatsApp makes it simple to remain in touch with friends, family, and coworkers.

Calls over Audio and Video

As long as they have an internet connection, users can make free international audio and video calls through WhatsApp from anywhere in the world.

Submit Media

Through this modified apk; users can quickly share documents, videos, and other media with others. Additionally, it has a location-sharing function. And if you want to create stunning videos from Social Media you can easily get it from Papi Papi CapCut Template.

Progress Reports

Like Instagram and Snapchat, Whatsapp lets users send status updates to friends that vanish after 24 hours.

Security Options

To offer users more control over their privacy, Whatsapp has several privacy settings, including the ability to hide your online status, profile picture, and last seen status.


Themes, chat backgrounds, and notification noises let users personalize their Whatsapp experience.

Using Two Steps to Verify

Your account is further secured by a two-step authentication procedure.

Restore and Download

Users of WhatsApp can back up their chat history and restore it to a different device using the app’s backup and restore function.

Various Device Compatibility

Users of Whatsapp can use their accounts on numerous devices simultaneously, thanks to the app’s multi-device support feature.

Different Modes of WhatsApp

Millions of people use the well-known instant messaging app WhatsApp globally. It provides modes that make it a flexible communication instrument. The following list of WhatsApp settings and their headings:

Talk Mode:

WhatsApp’s default mode enables users to instantly transmit text messages, images, videos, and voice memos to their contacts.

Voice and Video Calls Mode:

Voice and video calls to friends can also be made via WhatsApp. Thanks to this option, users can communicate face-to-face even when they are thousands of miles apart.

Group Chat Mode:

Users can establish groups in this mode and include numerous contacts to engage in group conversations. Group chats are helpful for coordinating with peers, family, and coworkers.

Status Mode:

WhatsApp’s Status mode lets users post images and videos that vanish after 24 hours, much like Instagram Stories. Users can add text, emojis, and stickers to their status posts.

Broadcast Mode: 

Users can simultaneously transmit a single message to several contacts using this mode. In contrast to group chats, the recipients won’t see who else has gotten the message.

AN Whatsapp Features
AN Whatsapp APK Features
AN Whatsapp APK Features
AN Whatsapp privacy features
AN Whatsapp privacy features
AN Whatsapp privacy features

What’s new in the latest version?

One of the most widely used communication apps currently is WhatsApp. Millions of users have acquired the app, and its use and popularity are rising. Several features that WhatsApp provides let users interact with friends and family. Users of the app can also exchange videos and photos. 

WhatsApp is continuously enhancing the user experience and adding new features. Several novel features are present in the most recent version of WhatsApp, including

  • Crash repairs.
  • Call entry problems on the home screen were fixed.
  • Improvements to conversational translation.
  • Image presentation issues are resolved in groups with the proper media bubble.
  • A WhatsApp mod fixes the message showing.
  • Fixes problems with the Arabic interface’s lower bar.
  • Activates Night mode and the group’s Internet shutdown option.
  • Trials are extended by one hour.
  • For contacts, the advanced search has been rectified.
  • Fixed profile image downloads on the main screen.
  • Reduces the size of voice and video transmissions.

Pros and Cons

The newest version of ANWhatsapp+10, which you are about to download to your smartphone, has advantages and disadvantages.


  • The size of the most recent edition 21 is 32.6 MB smaller.
  • The newest version of v26 has fewer advertisements.
  • You will enjoy a lot of these pros.
  • You can enhance your business using this App


  • After October 20, 2022, low-end products are not compatible.
  • Online access is only open for specific functions.
  • You can only access certain functions online.
  • If you use specific functions you will be relaxed.

Installation Guide

For those unfamiliar with free downloading of this APP, the following steps are important since third-party websites and the Google Play Store differ. Start your preferred web browser first, then search for the most latest modified version of this Apk.

  • Use the aforementioned Link to download WhatsApp.
  • To authorize the device to install from sources other than the Play Store, go to settings, security, and select “enable sources”.
  • To install an app manually, select the Install app button after downloading it.
  • Log into a current WhatsApp account using the mobile number you want to use for your WhatsApp Online account.
  • You’ll get an OTP on the cell phone number you provided to WhatsApp Inc.
  • Enter the precise one-time passcode that was sent to the mobile phone you gave us.
  • Use personalized WhatsApp online in the way that suits you right now.
  • Congratulations, now you can enjoy the downloaded apk. 


Downloading the wrong version of ANWhatsApp can result in you losing your chats, so when you update the version, make sure you don’t delete the old version before installing the new version.

Click the “Download ANWhatsApp APK” button on this screen to access the download link for this mod.

After downloading the ANWhatsApp APK from this page, please find the file on your device, then touch it to install.

Although this WhatsApp won’t expose you to malware or adware, you may be blocked by the official WhatsApp, so I advise using a different account than you did before.

Even though this software is not authorized, you can still benefit from it. With this anti-ban package, WhatsApp will never prohibit your account.

Please keep checking our website for the most recent version of WhatsApp. It is, therefore, simple to update WhatsApp hack from an earlier version. If you are using an older version of this patch, make sure your version of WhatsApp is current.

Final Words

You can download WhatsApp Gold or AN WhatsApp APK if you like the WhatsApp Golden Theme and want other versions with golden hues. Each function with the official WhatsApp has a different number and incredible features.

We trust your WhatsApp APK is current and that you successfully registered the number. If you encounter difficulties while implementing our advice, please post a remark below. In a nutshell, we’ll certainly be of assistance.

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