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DM WhatsApp

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DM WhatsApp APK

The Official DM APK is the modified version of the official WhatsApp. You get many extra features with Apk instead of using the official WhatsApp.

  • Updated Version
  • Anti-Ban
  • WhatsApp Extra Features
  • You can add the dark option by finding darker lines and panels
DM Whatsapp ApkFeatures
App NameDMWhatsapp
AppSize~ 77 Mbs
AndroidVersion5.0 and Up
Latest VersionV2.23.13.76
AuthorSam Ansari
CategorySocial Apps
Updated Date1 Day Ago
DMWhatsapp APK

Today, we’ll discuss DM Apk, a WhatsApp hack with many features, and the primary function, however, is located in the privacy settings section of the main menu. Users can manage their privacy settings here, including how and when messages and status updates are shared and who can check your messages or see if you’re online. Most importantly, it has Dark Theme, which makes it more unique than the other available app.

WhatsApp Inc. is the actual name of these choices. Only the communications shared with other contacts are impacted, not the management of earlier messages. Therefore, read this piece to learn more about this WhatsApp mod.

What is DMWhatsapp?

Another modified form of the original WhatsApp, Whatsapp DM Apk, offers many fantastic features. Additionally, it provides a mysterious, less aggressive motif for users than the original WhatsApp. Its features are almost identical to those of other mods like GBWhatsapp and Fouad WhatsApp, but one feature that sets it apart is its home page. You can add the dark option by finding darker lines and panels.

DMWhatsApp Apk Download

Different Features Of This WhatsApp

If we talk about working with Mod Apk, it’s the same as the original Whatsapp with some upgraded features and a dark theme. Most important we can customize themes, fonts, and lot’s more according to our choice but If you are still confused, don’t worry. Below I’ll explain everything about it, and once you learn about its extraordinary features, you will definitely download this mod apk.

Automatic reply:

When users cannot respond to incoming messages in real-time, the Apk provides an automatic reply feature that enables them to set up an automated response. This function is beneficial when you’re busy, away from your phone, or need a break from messaging.

Without saving contacts:

Users of WhatsApp can message individuals without adding them to their contact directory. This feature is practical for sending brief messages to someone without having to add them to your contacts and is accessible for both Android and iOS devices.

Images sent:

In its Direct Messages (DMs), WhatsApp enables users to transmit images with a maximum resolution of 90 megabytes (90MB) or 90 megapixels (90MP).

Video sent:

WhatsApp allows users to send videos with a resolution of up to 720p in DMs.

Message an unknown number:

It’s crucial to exercise caution and consideration when sending a WhatsApp communication to an unidentified number. 

Send a message using a name:

Instead of using a number, you can send messages using a name. If you save the number, there is no need to write the number. Just send a message using the name.

Modify the notification and program icons:

You can change the notification icon and app icon. People enjoy different things using Dm Apk WhatsApp. 


You can express yourself using the many stickers that WhatsApp provides. Additionally, you can make your decals using third-party applications. Change the launcher icon, bubble style, hash style, and program layout.


You can express yourself using the many stickers that WhatsApp provides. Additionally, you can make your decals using third-party applications. Change the launcher icon, bubble style, hash style, and program layout.


You can try also GB Instagram, and TopFOLLOW Apk

What’s new in the Apk updated version?

Many key features are available which make this APP superior to the official Whatsapp:

  • Multiple images and data can be sent simultaneously to outside groups of WhatsApp using these tools.
  • Quick-access features can be found by clicking on the chat bubble.
  • When you feel bored and want to talk with your friends or family, you can go out virtually and make a group call.
  • This app is very lightweight and easy to use, your device will run smoothly without any issues.
  • You can enable auto-reply options and messages will be automatically sent to other people even if you are busy at work.
  • The modded APK prevents unwanted auto-downloads by allowing you to hide media from your gallery.
  • This APK translates over 18 main and 14 other languages for easy in-app use.
  • A unique feature allows you to send large messages, including heavy files, from your gallery.
  • It allows you to customize your home screen, including details like headers, rows, and photo sizes. You can even adjust each line on your WhatsApp home screen.
  • The Conversation screen can also be customized using this APK.
  • You can send messages without needing to add the recipient to your contact list.
  • The DM app includes strong security features like a WhatsApp lock, password recovery, and control over who can see your information.

What Functionalities Does DM WhatsApp Offer?

The latest Apk has a much darker design motif than the original app, which is much easier on the eyes. (which is pretty good). But these are the opaque panels and lines that we can include in the dark option of the app.

However, the privacy settings portion of the main menu may contain a more important feature. Messages and status updates can be shared at any time, and users will control who can view their online status or read their messages. These decisions only affect interactions shared with other contacts; they do not impact how messages sent through WhatsApp Inc. are handled.

Requirements for this Apk:

The APK is more appealing and attention-grabbing thanks to this functionality. Thanks to the theme personalization feature, you can handle people utilizing the same color or backdrop. The backdrop and paint are both changeable. There are numerous templates included for your enjoyment. This feature distinguishes this software from the original.

Here are some basic requirements, though, if you’re talking about a particular prerequisite for using WhatsApp Messages or direct messages on WhatsApp:

  • Smartphones and PCs connected to the internet.
  • The most recent variation of WhatsApp loaded on your device
  • Whomever or whatever you want to communicate directly
  • Additionally, the contact or organization must maintain a live WhatsApp 

How Do I Install and Download?


  • On the Download icon of this page, click.
  • Once you finish one of the lectures, the download will start without your intervention.
  • Install it after downloading, then go to settings, security, and allow unknown sources. If you’ve already done so, skip this step.
  • Once you’ve done that, open the downloaded file, select Install, and wait for the process to finish.
  • You can now use DM Mod APK and benefit from its features without spending anything.


  • It has a dark theme which is easy to look at during the night.
  • You can hide when you’re online, see statuses that have been deleted, and view others’ statuses without them knowing.
  • It comes with handy tools for editing pictures or videos you send on WhatsApp.
  • You don’t need to root your device to install the app.
  • You can have multiple WhatsApp accounts on one device.
  • No worries about your account getting banned.


  • The user interface is a bit harder to use than the regular WhatsApp.
  • You have updated it from time to time. Otherwise, it will need to be fixed. Its feature will not work.
  • There are several same Mod APK in the market. These contain malware that will slow your mobile phones.

DM WhatsApp is a third-party developer’s modified form of the original WhatsApp.

Click this page’s “Download DM WhatsApp” button to obtain the mod.

Visit our website frequently to see the most recent WhatsApp DM updates. Keep the latest version of DM WhatsApp on hand if you’re using an outdated version of this mod.

Yes, it’s all about safe to download.

The WhatsApp DM can be deleted by pressing and holding it, then tapping the trash can icon. The letter can be deleted for yourself or for everyone in the chat.

Yes, WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption for all messages. Therefore, only the sender and recipient can read the messages, and no one else can access the contents, including WhatsApp.


You can use this mod with the official WhatsApp because it is modified from the original WhatsApp app. Some fantastic elements in this mode are absent from the official WhatsApp. This program has many features that you can use to build a tremendous profile and draw in more users. Download the program right away to start using this fantastic mod.

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