GM WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version (Official) February 2023 For Android

GM WhatsApp

GM Whatsapp APK

Latest 2023

GM Whatsapp APK

GM Whatsapp APK is the modified version of the official WhatsApp. You get many extra features with GM Whatsapp Apk instead of using the official WhatsApp.

  • Updated Version
  • Anti-Ban
  • WhatsApp Extra Features

License: Freeware

AppSize: ~ 60MB AppSize

Version: Latestv21.00

AndroidVersion: 5.0&Above (Android)

Purpose: Whatsapp Extra Features

LastAPKUpdate: Apk File Update 1 day ago

The GM Whatsapp Apk is a highly developed program with several modified high-tech features that idealize sending and receiving messages. This modified edition’s idealistic messaging, seclusion, and private deals set it apart.

This app is well-known on business WhatsApp thanks to several hidden functions. It offers the best sharing tool for files, voice memos, videos, and images. Additionally, you can significantly increase the number of group members and create your social community in this program.

More About GM WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2023

GM WhatsApp Apk is the name of a customized variant of WhatsApp like other modified Whatsapp GB Whatsapp. This APK program’s privacy options can be adjusted. That suggests that many other things, like changing the theme, the status of an online download, hiding the current status, and many others, are also straightforward. You have complete control over your privacy and can rapidly change to the WhatsApp theme of your choice with this version.

You can quickly obtain GM WhatsApp APK for your Android phone and use its unique features, including the iPhone theme for WhatsApp.

GM Whatsapp APK Download

Additionally, it offers a reliable guidance system to find out where your loved one is. You can also keep your location, active state, most recent scene, and blue tick a secret from other people. Download the most recent GM Whatsapp apk to access several hidden features and entertaining fetching choices quickly.

Features of GM WhatsApp APK

The internal look of the GM Whatsapp version is the same as that of the original one. But there’re some notable and unique additions delivered adorable by GM Whatsapp that you’ll not find elsewhere. Here we’ll mention the unique ones that are worth discussing. These GM WhatsApp Apk versions, instead of the official WhatsApp, safeguard your privacy.

Hide Previous Activity

Blocking contacts from seeing your online status. Suppose you want to keep your pals from contacting you while you’re online. By changing your privacy settings, you can immediately hide them from our contacts.

Hide Active Status

“Storage running low” is an irritating notification, but now you can get rid of it. With the Advanced cleaner tool in the plus version of whatsapp, you can delete all extra stuff, chats, and other media that you don’t need, to clear up space.

Hide The Message Forward Flag

Message forward flags can be hidden from the app options if you don’t want your contact friends to know the message is forwarded.

Display Status Is Hidden

The Settings menu’s Hide Look option. Once you know what your friends are watching, they won’t ever inform you again if you do this. Enjoy your display of hidden status more.

Deleted Messages

After writing a message or updating a status, many people choose to delete it. As soon as they delete their status updates and posts, WhatsApp GM will let you watch them. Even after the sender deletes a communication or post, copies of it will still be accessible. Only specific modded versions of WhatsApp have access to this unique function, and no other WhatsApp can not do it ever.


According to the What’s Deleted messages section, many people delete their status updates after publishing them or their messages after sending them. As soon as they delete their status updates and posts, WhatsApp GM will let you watch them. You can check your deleted messages after deletion.

Dark Mode

You can activate or disable dark mode, depending on your preferences. If you do that differently than you wish.

Add Screen Animations

You can choose from various animated effects for the program interface, including animated snowflakes, flowers, hearts, and emojis.


To obtain a variety of themes, use the Store and Library. Remember that you are always free to switch subjects. Stay engaged and enjoy this WhatsApp.

Write A Pointer

Responding to your contact does not require sharing your most recent action or status as “writing.” You can hide the typing progress indicator and the blue tick by manually adjusting the app.

Lock App

Use your Passcode and password to lock the app and protect WhatsApp. The GM WhatsApp app has this security feature, so you don’t need to acquire third-party software to lock your app. Its awesome features.

Feature Of Gm Whatsapp

One GM WhatsApp

Because this version of WhatsApp replaces the original, you must uninstall the original. You can’t use Gm Whatsapp with the original Whatsapp.

What’s new in GM Whatsapp?

  • A new patch version is now accessible.
  • For further UX improvements, you can upgrade it right now.
  • Added Translation for Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Hindi, and many more.
  • You can add animation effects.
  • Text yourself (save notes)
  • Add a voice comment to your status.
  • Forwarding media with a caption is possible.
  • Hide the blue tick


You can use the following MOD features when you obtain the game from the link below:

  • Internal themes, no advertising
  • No in-app transactions are required
  • Adapt emoticon designs
  • Moving images

Theme of iPhone

If you enjoy the iPhone WhatsApp theme, downloading the latest version of GM WhatsApp is beneficial. The remaining performances can be customized with an iPhone theme from GM Adds, while the second edition already has the iPhone theme as its primary theme.

Which devices are compatible with GM Whatsapp modern? 

Smartphones have more capabilities and features than earlier models. Consequently, the GMWhatsApp Apk is now compatible with various devices. Every smartphone running Android version 4.0 is best for GM Whatsapp Apk.

The Pros and Cons of GM WhatsApp


  • It’s more profitable for business people.
  • We can secure our data.
  • It is easy to use and offers many modification options.
  • Ghost mode is activated for conversations.
  • It provides more tools that respect privacy compared to WhatsApp.


  • No one knows that when we are online, contact us.
  • It’s conceivable that the phone contains damaging files.
  • One can always end up on a registry.
  • There is no straight updating option.
  • When we reply late, people don’t rely on us. 

How to Download GM WhatsApp Apk (latest version)?

  • Install WhatsApp on your smartphone after downloading it.
  • After installation, go to the program menu and select “WhatsApp Web” from the list of choices.
  • A QR code will appear when you click the WhatsApp logo; use this video to understand it, and then copy the list of numbers that appears after you copy the QR code.
  • Choose “Enter key directly” and paste the copied number sequence on the WhatsApp website.
  • Double-click on the window that says “Key does not function” and then select OK.
  • Re-click the WhatsApp logo to reveal a QR code. Use this video to decipher the code, then paste it into the main screen of the GM version of WhatsApp.
  • You’ve successfully loaded WhatsApp. Congrats! Visit “GM WhatsApp Web” in your smartphone browser to get started.

GM WhatsApp is secure if you believe the source from which you are downloading it. To be safe, we advise downloading it from our main website.

You can conceal your online status, customize the privacy settings for specific chats, and many other features have been added to GM WhatsApp.

Through our official website’s “Download” button, you can obtain GM WhatsApp.

Because GMWhatsApp Apk uses a proxy server to transmit all videos and pictures in one go, it can take up to four times as long as regular WhatsApp depending on the device, connection speed, and volume of internet traffic.

Yes, it’s free to download you can use it without any difficulty.

Final Words

If you want the best-Modded version of the Gm WhatsApp Apk , we advise you to obtain GM WhatsApp. This application has a lot of appealing, enjoyable backgrounds, themes, drawable animations, and other features. Once you’ve done that, this application’s features and user experience will have you hooked, and you won’t want to let it go. We promise you’ll enjoy using this program. If you haven’t already, click the download button to access the free additional features. 

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