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Honista APK

This App is a modified version of a simple Instagram app. With this app, you can do many things with your Instagram account that you can’t do with the official Instagram app.

  • Easy To Use And Safe
  • You can remove Ads
  • Change Default Themes of the App
  • Lock And Hide Chat
  • Know which one is Follows you
  • Download Instagram Photos/Videos
Honista ApkFeatures
App NameHonista
AppSize~ 71.1 Mbs
AndroidVersion4.0 and Up
Latest VersionV7.1
CategorySocial Apps
Updated Date1 Day Ago
Honista apk

What is Honista App? 

Are you looking to explore new social media apps for photo sharing? Here we introduce the modified version of Instagram Apk, a new photo-sharing app to enhance your experience. Gen Z is interested in sharing photos and videos of their daily moments. Therefore, they look for the best social media app with better functionalities and features of Apk is the perfect one that allows users to share, discover, and connect with others.

Are you prepared to use a potent app to advance your Instagram account? For the most incredible Instagram Pro features, you must check out the most recent version of the Instagram apk. 

Honista apk latest version

If you love to make videos while cooking, traveling, gardening, or just doing your daily routine and want to share it with others, then use this updated apk, which is very simple and easy to use and has many new and advanced features designed for its users like others app InstaPro Apk, and Instander APK. The Anti-ban apk is free of cost, and its goal is to enhance the social networking experience by connecting people with their pics and Stories.

What’s new in the updated App? 

In the updated version of this App, you will find many advanced features, and primarily Bugs are fixed like, Implement a feature that displays a list of the story mentions both hidden and normal mentions. Many updated features you can read below:

Show Mute Button on Story Page:

The mute and unmute button will be added to the story watching screen

Activate Search in Story Visitors:

The search bar and search button will be added to Story visitors page.

Activate Send Photos in Stacked Style in Direct Messages:

Photos will be sent as an album and stacked in Direct messages.

Activate Scheduled Posts Option:

Posting schedule options will be added in the post publishing advanced settings section.

Activate Note Option in Direct:

The write and display notes option will be added to the top of Direct page.

Activate Theme for Directs:

In the chat info section, the theme selection option will be added and you can choose the desired theme from among the themes and colors.

Reply Story via Camera, Voice and Gif:

You can give feedback on the stories using the camera, Voice or Gif.

Activate Send feedback on messages using emojies:

You can send feedback with a emoji by long click on the messages.

Activate Search in Direct Chats:

Search in Conversation option will add to chat info page.

Activate Ability to Share Our Own Stories:

The share button will be added to our story screen.

Animate Story Avatars:

Animated avatars will be added to story feedback.

Activate Custom Story Sticker Colors:

On the story creation page, you can change the color of the mention, location and hashtags stickers.

Activate Add Yours Option to Story Camera:

Add Yours button will be added on the story creation page and you can use this sticker

Key Features latest version APK

Here are the key features of this App. Go through these features and learn more about the Apk:

View Profile Picture:

Earlier, users couldn’t view their profile picture on Instagram. Still, with this modified Instagram Apk, there is no limitation for users on the profile picture because they can now view it by simply tapping into it.

honista instagram

Remove Ads:

Ads are the most annoying thing we face while using any social media app. For example, while using Instagram, there is no option to remove r block the ads for a smooth experience. Still you do not need to worry more about ads because it provides users with amazing blocking features by simply going to the app’s privacy option and then allowing them to “disable ads” option. As a result, you will not have to see ads.

Download Media From Posts:

As we know, Instagram is an entertaining app that allows users to watch millions of videos and images. However, when downloading media to enjoy the video and pics later offline, Instagram does not allow it and has limitations. Moreover, many third-party apps allow you to download media files, but these apps can contain viruses and can risk your data privacy. If you want to have the functionality of downloading media files, then download this Apk because it allows you to download the media file by clicking on three dots and tab to the download button, and your file will be downloaded in a few seconds.

Block spammers:

Are you fed up with getting spam messages again and again? Then download the apk file because this app has many advanced features, and one of the notable features is that you can block spammers. In addition, this feature allows users to clock the unwanted text and calls.

Create Albums:

The Anti-ban apk allows users to create Albums into the app where they can add their favorite pics and videos. Moreover, they can also share their real-time moments with voice not, text, or video chat.


The Apk Instagram has a feature of filters and stickers that users can use while making their videos and pics. The stickers and filters give you a fun option to have fun while taking your pictures.

honista updated ios emojis

Great interface:

The interface of the apk app is the same as its previous version of honista apk 2022 and apps like Instaplus, Instagram, and other platforms. However, the interface is default and has enhanced features of customization where users can use themes to make their interface colorful.

Advanced Features of Apk 

The Apk Instagram is an enhanced version of Instagram with new and advanced features. Here are some advanced features that you need to look at before downloading:

Various fonts :

If you are a bit picky when using fonts, This apk is the perfect app. It allows you to customize fonts according to your choice. They have many fonts available, which you can enable and use during your conversation, and vacations to add a more aesthetic and visually appealing look. The types of fonts include modern and classic styles, and users can also have the option of adjusting the font size. Additionally, This App supports various languages, and users can select a font that supports the language they are communicating in. 

honista fonts

Sharing stories:

The apk now added the feature of sharing stories with friends and followers like other apps. Where users can make stories of themselves and post them into the app, they can also add filters, emojis, stickers, and other things to their stories, which makes them more engaging and interesting.

Video Editing:

If you love to make videos but get frustrated while editing them into different apps, download the official apk and get the advantage of a powerful video editing tool. With this editing tool, you can edit their videos by adding filters, trimming your videos, adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast of your video. Moreover, you can also add music, stickers, and text to their videos.


The Apk allows users an amazing feature of customization where they can customize their videos, images, and themes. Instagram does not allow any customization; it has only two modes of light and dark which can be boring for users. So latest Apk version allows users to create the app theme according to their preferences, making their content look HD quality.

honista customization

App Privacy:

The apk app has a smart feature of app privacy which help users to protect their data to ensure from having a safe experience. The app privacy allows users to control the access of their device features of microphone, camera, wifi, location, and others. The app will only access these features if you enable them from your mobile settings. The app also has encryption technology to prevent any unauthorized person from accessing your account. 

Lock And hide Chats:

If you are looking for more privacy, then this Instagram Apk allows users to lock and hide chats, allowing them to secure their conversations from unauthorized access. Users can utilize this feature to lock certain chats or discussions with passwords, PINs, or fingerprints. Users can also choose to hide their chats from other people anyone by adding password protection, and when you enter the wrong password, the App displays a bogus chat interface. 

Advanced Security And privacy

The Apk is dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of its users. We understand that privacy is a significant concern for users of social media apps, which is why we have implemented various privacy settings to ensure maximum privacy.

Our latest addition is the conversation encryption feature, which provides added protection for your conversations and data. We are constantly updating and improving our services while keeping strong privacy principles in mind.

Here are some of the most important privacy settings available in the app:

Change the Application Icon:

It allows you to change the app icon to resemble the icon of any other app on your device, such as the clock or notes. This feature helps maintain privacy by disguising the app as a different application.

Show or Hide Hidden Chats Icon:

You can choose to show or hide the hidden chats icon in the toolbar. This feature is useful if you want to keep certain chats private and hidden from others.

Show or Hide Notifications from Hidden Conversations:

The modified Apk gives you the option to show or hide notifications from hidden conversations. This feature is helpful if you want to keep certain chats private and not receive notifications for them.

Set a Lock for Conversations:

You can set a lock for conversations with a pin code or fingerprint. This feature ensures that only authorized users can access your private conversations.

Control to Show or Hide Hidden Conversations:

You can control whether to show or hide hidden conversations when unlocking the conversations list. This feature provides an additional layer of privacy for your hidden chats.

Set a Lock for the Application:

It provides the option to set a lock for the application as a whole using a password or fingerprint. This feature ensures that only authorized users can access the app.

Automatically Lock the Application:

You can automatically lock the application after a specified period of time. This feature is useful if you want to ensure that your chats and data are secure when you are away from your device.

Show or Hide App Lock Icon:

You can show or hide the app lock icon in the toolbar. This feature allows you to maintain privacy by keeping the app lock icon hidden from others.

Full privacy with Ghost mode

It offers an exclusive feature known as Ghost mode, which allows you to enjoy complete privacy while using the app without any disturbance. Unlike other applications, Ghost mode is a unique feature that offers an unparalleled user experience.

Ghost mode completely hides your activity within the app and offers the following benefits:

Show Stories without Sending Seen:

Ghost mode allows you to view stories without notifying the other party that you have seen them. This feature ensures your privacy while still allowing you to view the stories.

View Messages in Conversations without Sending that You Have Shown Them:

Ghost mode lets you read messages in conversations without notifying the other party that you have seen them. This feature is helpful if you want to avoid any awkward situations or maintain your privacy.

Join Live Broadcast without Your Name Appearing in the List of Viewers:

You can join live broadcasts without your name appearing in the list of viewers using Ghost mode. This feature offers complete privacy while viewing the broadcast, and the number of viewers does not change.

honista privacy

How to install Apk

HonistaApk is an enhanced version of Instagram with many new and enhanced features which allow users to enjoy the functionality. If you want to download the latest version of Apk, then follow the given steps:

  • The first step to downloading is to enable the ” unknown resources” option from your device settings to allow third-party apps.
  • Next, find a trusted source, then download the apk file.
  • When your download is complete, find the file in your download folder.
  • Then, select the file and start installing the Apk file.
  • Then, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can launch the Honistaapp.

Note: while downloading the file from any website, make sure it is trusted and does not have any risk of malware because it can harm your device, and your data can be compromised or can be hacked by hackers.


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Honista APK is an app similar to Instagram, allowing users to share their pics and videos. It also has various features, such as video calls, voice calls, messaging, and file sharing. 

Yes, Honista APK is a free app to use.

Honista iOs are unavailable because iOS does not allow users to download external files on Apple phones.

Honista APK uses encryption technology to secure users’ data and protect against unauthorized access. In addition, the app has a new advanced feature of locking your chats and data privacy to ensure user data remain private and secure.

Honista APK offers various customization options, such as selecting different fonts and themes, allowing users to personalize their messaging experience.

Honista APK offers voice and video call features, allowing users to make high-quality calls online.


The apk file has many features, from photo sharing to messaging and video chat. The app is an alternative os Instagram with the same interface but possesses new and advanced features unavailable on Instagram. It allows advanced features such as app privacy, lock and hide chats, and customization options, ensuring user information remains private and secure. 

This app is not available on the Google play store or apple store, but users can download it from browsers from the trusted website that will not harm their device and will not have any risk of user data breaching.

So download the app now, remove all the limitations you faced while using Instagram, and get the advantage of using new features you will love.

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