How To Track a Scammer on WhatsApp?

Things to know:

Tracking a scammer has not gotten easier than you think.

  • Educate yourself regarding different types of scams performed on WhatsApp.
  • It would help if you observed the behavior of the scammer as it will give you more insight into their motives.
  • Ways to prevent the scamming attack in the future.
  • Active communication with others regarding preventative measures.

Over 2 billion people are signed up to WhatsApp, and out of these signups, 100 billion messages are sent daily. The straightforward, user-friendly model of WhatsApp makes it a hit among smartphone users; however, it also encourages scammers to spread their attacks in various ways. In fact, every day, thousands of vulnerable users become victims of these attacks. Here, we will talk about the authentic ways you track a scammer on WhatsApp and take the right actions against it.

Why do scammers use WhatsApp?

The primary question that pops up in our mind is what the reason behind scammers can be using WhatsApp. It is straightforward to pretend to be someone else on WhatsApp. Since you cannot judge who is on the other side of the screen, a scammer can easily pretend to be a relative or a close friend. Besides, due to end-to-end encryption, it is not easy to track WhatsApp calls or messages.

How To Track a Scammer on WhatsApp

How to track a Scammer on WhatsApp?

So how can you identify a scammer on WhatsApp? Here are some red flags to look out for:

  • The scammer contacts you out of the blue.
  • The scammer tries to rush you into making a decision.
  • The scammer asks for personal information such as your bank account number or your address.
  • The scammer wants you to click on a link that leads to a website that looks suspicious.
  • The scammer sends you an attachment that contains malware.

Best Tricks to track scammers on WhatsApp

Can a scammer be tracked? Scamming is like bait when it comes to WhatsApp. Scammers thoroughly study their victims before throwing the bait. Here is how you can track scammers.

Note: You can use a third-party app for tracking down the scammer. However, you need to verify the app before using it.

1. Use reverse phone lookup services:

Scammers usually use stolen phone numbers for fraud. However, if they use their phone number to scam, you can easily track them down using a reverse phone lookup service. Many online apps help you search specific details like name, location, etc.

2. Use a Geo Finder:

Geo-finder apps are a convenient option for finding the scammer’s location. You can send the scammer’s number to the app through an SMS message over the GPRS network. The app will track down the location of the summer within 15 minutes. Geo finder applications are the answer to the commonly asked question: How to track a scammer through the phone number

3. Use cybersecurity:

Note all information you know about the scammer, like their name, phone number, email, address, and the link or text they sent to scam you. You can lodge a complaint against the scamming body at the cyber security unit of your country. Many of us don’t know about Cybersecurity cells functioning day and night in our country to make the internet safe for everyone. You will listen to positive responses from them within no time.

How to report a WhatsApp scammer?

Prompt action against WhatsApp scams is crucial as it can save you from trouble later. Once you have tracked a scammer, here are the steps you need to take:

  • Start WhatsApp on your device and click the three-dot icon present at the top right corner of the screen.
How to report a WhatsApp scammer?
Click the setting tab
How to report a WhatsApp scammer step by step guide updated 2023 ?
Tap on the help option.
How to report a WhatsApp scammer step by step guide 2023?
Afterward, please tap on the contact us option
How to report a WhatsApp scammer step by step guide?
Next, write a detailed message regarding the issue you face with the fraudulent message

Once your message is sent to the headquarter, the number you have filed will be deeply scanned. Authorities will take appropriate action against it.

How to protect against WhatsApp scamming?

How to protect against WhatsApp scamming?
Here are a few factors you can do to prevent WhatsApp scamming:

Verify Sender Identity:

Always confirm the identity of the individual contacting you on WhatsApp, especially if it involves financial transactions or sensitive information. Confirm their identity through other means, such as scammer WhatsApp numbers and in-person conversations.

Be Skeptical of Unsolicited Messages:

Be cautious of unsolicited messages from unknown contacts, especially those offering lucrative deals, financial assistance, or requesting personal information. Exercise skepticism and refrain from sharing sensitive details.

Enable Two-Step Verification:

Activate WhatsApp’s two-step verification feature to add an extra layer of security to your account. This requires a PIN code to be entered when verifying your phone number on WhatsApp.

Secure Your Privacy Settings:

Review and adjust your privacy settings on WhatsApp to control who can view your profile information, status updates, and contact details. Restrict visibility to trusted contacts only.

Avoid Clicking Suspicious Links:

Avoid clicking on suspicious links sent through WhatsApp, which may lead to phishing websites or malware downloads. Exercise caution even if the message comes from a known contact, as scammers can hijack accounts.

Keep WhatsApp Updated:

Regularly update your WhatsApp application to ensure you have the latest security patches and bug fixes. Each Update often includes enhanced security measures to protect against potential vulnerabilities.

Educate Yourself About Scam Techniques:

Be aware of standard scam techniques used by fraud these days. By staying informed about standard scam techniques used on WhatsApp, such as lottery scams and fake job offers. Familiarize yourself with the warning signs and red flags associated with these scams.

Trust Your Intuition:

Trust your guts if something feels off or too good to be true. If a WhatsApp message offering seems shady, it’s better to err on caution and avoid engaging further.

Report Suspicious Activity:

As mentioned, use WhatsApp’s reporting feature to report suspicious accounts or messages. By reporting scams, you underwrite to the shared effort of fighting fraudulent activities on the platform.

Spread Awareness:

Share your expertise with friends, social networks, and family to raise awareness about WhatsApp scams. Encourage others to be mindful and cautious while using the platform.


Implementing these measures can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to WhatsApp scams. By staying informed, alert, and proactive, you can protect your personal information and ensure a safer experience on the app.

Recovering funds lost to a scammer on WhatsApp can be challenging, mainly if they operate from a different jurisdiction. Report the event to local law enforcement and provide them with all available information.

It is helpful to gather evidence such as screenshots of conversations, call records, or any other relevant information before reporting a scammer. This documentation can assist law enforcement if an investigation is initiated.

Final Words

WhatsApp is an extensively used platform that has over 2 billion signups. Due to massive usage, the platform is also prone to scams and theft. Here we have sourced an easy way to track and report a scammer.

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