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Instander APK


Latest 2023

Instander APK

It is an Instagram mod that permits users to download high-quality photos, videos, IGTV, and Reels and offers features like No Ads, Copy Bio, and more.

  • Easy To Use And Safe
  • Latest Version is Ads Free
  • Message Someone Directly
  • Verification of Badges
  • Download Instagram Photos/Videos
Instander ApkFeatures
App NameInstander
AppSize54 MBs
AndroidVersion5.0 and Up
Latest VersionV17.2
CategorySocial Apps
Updated Date1 Day Ago
Instander APK Download

The Instagram app is one many of you are incredibly acquainted with. You might not be aware that there are other Instagram apps that you can download if you’d like a better, more tailored version of Instagram. Herein lies the value of Apk.

The APK is one of the more demanding versions. It is an Instagram mod that can’t be found in the Google Play store. In this article, We’ll explain how to grab the APK and utilize it to give your Instagram app new functionality. You may obtain this fantastic application from this page without spending any money.

What is an Instander APK?

Some users discover that the official Instagram app needs some functionality they seek. To go around this, several developers have begun developing MODs, or versions of the software, that offer the required functionalities. The App is one illustration. Users of Android, rejoice! This software is made specifically for you and simplifies maintaining your Instagram account. The app’s user-friendly layout and sleek design make navigation a snap.

Instander APK V17.2 Download

With many outstanding features, the latest APK is a fantastic alternative to the original Instagram app. It offers extra capabilities not found in the original program and is safe and secure. Understandably, many users have resorted to this APK for a better experience, given Instagram’s many restrictive restrictions.

You speak with all of your friends and express yourself with the Instan der apk on your Android smartphone. We’re sharing the most recent version of the app today, which includes fantastic features, including hiding seen messages, keeping images and videos in DM, turning off adverts, turning off typing, hiding stories when shown, and downloading IGTV.

Why Use Instander APK?

Downloading this Instagram Mod Apk will significantly enhance your Instagram experience. Thanks to these upgrades, the user has many advantages over other Instagram users, including a better method to browse and control your feed. The newest Instagram APK has the features listed below.

Features of APK

The App has the following premium features, described below:

Ghost Mode:

When utilizing your Instagram account; the ghost mode option is a terrific tool that gives you an eerie appearance. To prevent anyone from learning that you are using and observing their activity, disable your online status and typing mode. You must select the “ghost mode” option under advanced options. Anyone whose activities you watch is unaware of your existence as a spectator.

Instander Ghost Mode

Gestures Mode:

A fantastic program features allow you to complete various specialized activities quickly and effectively. Some improvements include zooming photos with a long tap and downloading media with three fixtures.

Instander Gestures Mode:

Media File Downloads :

Instagram is an excellent tool for watching millions of interesting videos and images. Still, it doesn’t have the option to store the content so that you may watch it later. You may download media files from Instagram using many third-party downloaders, but these annoy us with pop-up advertising and could be infected with malware.However, The APK provides entertainment with its straightforward downloading choice. To open the menu, click the three dots (visible with the share option). Click the download button. Downloads of pictures or videos will occur. They are simple to download without having to go between apps.

Instander Media File Downloads

Media Preview:

Another fantastic feature of the app is previewing the video/photo before downloading.

instander apk for iOS

Create a friend list:

We occasionally share a timely and understandable tale with our small audience of followers. Please change the settings to make it available to the people you desire. Later adjustments are possible, such as adding or removing friends from a list. They won’t be informed when you add or remove them from the lists, which is an additional advantage.

Analytics of Data:

Users can disable it in privacy settings if they know their data is being gathered and analyzed from their in-app behavior. This feature appears when data and analysis of your publications are available. This option shuts down your data analytics if you don’t want it, which is convenient and beneficial.

The Quality And Download Path Settings:

It could be more enjoyable since downloading videos or photographs using downloaders automatically keeps the files in storage. However, the updated Apk allows us to direct downloads so that you can instantly view them anytime. You can modify the downloading quality using the app. Enjoy it when you watch it live as well.

Instander ios emoji

Customization of Ads:

You become upset when one or two advertisements play while watching videos. Continues to aggravate me. On the official Instagram, ad blocking is not possible. But the modified APK version allows you to either enable or disable the running of advertising. Ads use up data when you have a limited data plan and drain the battery. Open the App’s settings and select private from the pop-up menu. Allow “disable ads” to be chosen. There won’t be any more diversion.

Instander account ban

Cover up message receipts:

When a strange message arrives in your DM, you want to read it without revealing who sent it. It stops other people from saying hurtful things. Turn off the visible tick in the settings to use the feature.

Personalized Shared Posts:

Quality, fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc., should be used appropriately to make the photographs, movies, stories, etc., exciting and appealing. Use backdrop templates and color effects placed into the APK and make the content HD quality. Adapt your audience to the pertinent content you are presenting.


Verification of Badges :

Another startling feature of the latest apk is that you can obtain the verification badge (Blur Tick) without paying a dime. Complete the information on the provided form to apply for a badge. Please remember to enter all the data accurately.

Instander Verification of Badges


You can preserve your backup for the unavoidable occurrence with this fantastic program. You can adjust your settings appropriately if you accidentally act up.

Instander Backup and Restore

Regular Updates:

If a new version is released, you do not need to download it from the website like you would with other mod versions. Please enable it by going to settings>OTA Updates.

Instander Latest Version

Create a personalized feed and stories:

The auto-play of videos suggested friends and story flicking may all be turned off in your Instagram default settings.

Instander apk download

What’s New Added

Utilizing the Instaander Apk has several advantages, including safety, despite being a third-party program. 

  • Internal lock
  • Newly added font (Latin, Cyrillic, Thai, Tamil, and Persian support)
  • Support for the Monet color palette on Android 12+
  • Sixty-second tales
  • Developer options include Animated Splash for Android 12+ and Developer Mode decoder (Mobile. Config).


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How to Download APK on PC?

You must set up an “Android emulator” on your PC to install the modified version of Instagram. I believe “Bluestacks” to be the most excellent emulator for installing apps and dashing. To download Bluestacks and then the APK, follow the following procedures.

  • The first step is, therefore to “install the Bluestack program.”Use your web browser to look up “Bluestacks websites.” The program will take a while to run because the file is mega-sized.
  • Once the emulator has been installed, use your web browser’s search function to look up the APK you wish to download.
  • The downloaded file will open in the Bluestacks app launcher by default if you don’t already have another Android emulator installed on your computer.
  • The APK file must be double-clicked to begin the installation process. The program has been successfully installed and is now accessible without worrying about data loss.

How to Download APK On Android?

The most recent version of Instagram may be downloaded through the Google Play Store, but you must use our website to get the app. Remember that before installing this mod, you need to delete the official Instagram app.

  • Click the provided button to access the download page.
  • When the file has finished downloading, open it in your File Manager.
  • To find this APK file, search
  • Tap on it when you see it to start the installation.
  • You must enable that option in your Android security settings if you have never installed an APK from an untrusted source.
  • Install the Insta APK file on your device by returning to it.

How Does the App Work?

Anyone can use apk because it is a simple process. Register with your account. Click on the top three parallel bars on the profile page after login into your account. You can then change the parameters to your desire from there. Users of this software can share photos and videos and disable ads, among other features.

Requirements to install Apk iOS?

If you want to use an IPA file on your iPhone, you should look for the app’s IPA version, if one is available. The Apk IPA may be downloaded right here. The original Instagram app needs to be removed from your iOS device. This is due to iOS’s poor compatibility with the primary Instagram app.

  • Go to your Home screen, 
  • Tap the Instagram icon, 
  • And hold it there to achieve this.
  • Next, choose Remove App.

How to install on iOS

  • Now that you know what an IPA file is, let’s go on to the installation procedure on your iPhone or any other iOS device.
  • You must first download any impactor from ALTstore or Cydia.
  • Click the download icon. Use this button to access the download page.
  • Get the Instader IPA file now.
  • Utilize a USB cord to connect your gadget to the PC.
  • Drop an IPA file into the impactor.
  • Use your Apple ID and password to log in.
  • Go to file manager now, select IPAs, and then select the IPA file.
  • If the installation of unknown programs is now restricted after selecting the file, go to Settings > General and select the Trust button.
  • Install on iOS by tapping on it, and you’re done! The application has been successfully installed.

What’s the difference between a clone and unclone apps?

Two apps provide the same functionality. However, they have distinct package names.

Replica App:

A clone is an object that is not merely a duplicate of the original object but also takes on the field values of the original thing. The clone’s associated field updates whenever a field in the item is modified. You must first uninstall the original Instagram app to install Clone APK. The package name for Clone APK is com. instander.Android.

Unclone App:

Unclone has the package name com. insta. On the other hand, Unclone can be set up as a standalone application. If you no longer want a cloned object to be linked to the original item, you can unclone it.


Because it is unavailable on Google Play, you must get it from a trustworthy website. After all, it goes against the official Instagram program’s privacy restrictions.

You might be wondering how to update Instander, but you don’t need to bother since it does so automatically whenever the Google Play Store changes one of its applications.

Yes! A subscription is not required; you may download it for free from this website without paying any additional money.

 A modified version of Instagram with several extra features is called Instander. Because Instander has more cutting-edge features than the original, I like it.

You don’t need to worry because the app will be updated automatically. This can be enabled in the settings.


 You can improve your social abilities and create deep connections with your loved ones using the Instander app. The numerous enhancements of Apk provide the user with a competitive advantage over other Instagram users. It included practically all the details of the observer. We can ask any queries in the comment box below. You can reach us whenever you want. Our website’s main objective is to provide you with all the application information. Everything about your account is entirely within your control.

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