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KB WhatsApp

KB Whatsapp APK

Latest 2023

KB Whatsapp APK

KB WhatsApp APK is the modified version of the official WhatsApp. You get many extra features with KB WhatsApp instead of using the official WhatsApp.

  • Updated Version
  • Anti-Ban
  • WhatsApp Extra Features

License: Freeware

App Size: ~59.0 MB AppSize

Version: Latest v26.0

AndroidVersion: 5.0&Above (Android)

Purpose: Enjoy Whatsapp Extra Features

LastAPKUpdate: Apk File Update 1 day ago

The KB WhatsApp APK is a modified version of the original WhatsApp that adds and removes many new features. For those who enjoy digital communication, it is very beneficial. It is because it has many appealing Characteristics that are typically absent from legitimate ones.

Due to the endless features that the original WhatsApp lacks, many WhatsApp users choose to use modifications instead of apps like GB Whatsapp and FM Whatsapp. It is common to use a variety of WhatsApp mods, and they all have helpful advanced features.This WhatsApp is one of these methods.

Another authorized WhatsApp built on WhatsApp Plus is BT WhatsApp Apk. Users of this WhatsApp can take advantage of several unique features unavailable in the original WhatsApp application. Due to its distinctive appearance and design, this WhatsApp application is becoming very popular. This article will provide you with more information about BT WhatsApp.

KB Whatsapp Apk Download

Do you know about KB WhatsApp?

You can exchange messages using Kb WhatsApp, a new version with many extra features. It is one of the WhatsApp Plus variants. The market currently offers four variations of this WhatsApp mod: Black, Blue, Red, and Gold. The only difference between these versions is the color of the app icon.

With this WhatsApp mod, you can hide the blue ticks from your chat screen and make your online status invisible. The assistance of background elements allows you to listen to voice notes. On WhatsApp, you can also secretly listen to voicemails and view other users’ status updates.

Download KB Whatsapp APK Different Version

KB whatsapp blue:

An option for official WhatsApp is kb WhatsApp blue. Make sure you remove official WhatsApp before installing kb1 WhatsApp.

KB whatsapp black:

KBwhatsapp+2 is an alternative to the original WhatsApp with a second number.

KB whatsapp+3 red

You can run kb3 WhatsApp with a third number alongside the official WhatsApp.

KB whatsapp+ gold

In addition to the official WhatsApp, you can run kb WhatsApp 4 with a fourth number.

Features of KB WhatsApp APK updated

If we talk about working with KB WhatsApp Apk, it’s the same as the original Whatsapp with some extra upgraded features. Most important we can customize themes, fonts, and lot’s more of KBWhatsapp according to our choice. If you are still confused, don’t worry. Below I’ll explain everything about KB Whatsapp Apk, and once you learn about its extraordinary features, you will definitely download this mod apk.

Changing Emoji

You can alter the typeface and emoji types in this WhatsApp. Select your favorite from five emojis in this modified version of the original WhatsApp app. The most effective and well-liked of them all is iPhone Emoji.

Accounts Switching

The ability to quickly transition between five different WhatsApp accounts made on five other phone numbers is a unique feature of KB WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp Locks

You can lock and safeguard your conversations and the app using a variety of locks on this WhatsApp. It is secured with a fingerprint, pattern, or secret code. Add a backup security query to make the safety even safer.

Customization of Home Screen

With KB WhatsApp, you can personalize your home page. The status display, rows, floating button, and upper bar are all customizable.

Sorting Messages

Using the appropriate option, you can sort texts sent by the newest/oldest in this WhatsApp. It can help you avoid discomfort while looking for the intended chats or messages.

Privacy Control

Its WhatsApp gives its customers complete privacy control. They can view once-viewed media (messages or images) multiple times, stop messages and statuses from being deleted, and view their peers’ statuses secretly, among other privacy controls.

The saving Once View Media

A feature allows you to save media (images and videos) once and watch them repeatedly. You won’t tell the other individual who sent it about your multiple viewings. However, you should click on the eye icon if you want the other person to know about your behavior.

Mute Conversions

Unwanted amounts can be muted (1 hr-12 hours, 36 hours a month, or forever).so that you can not disturb at the time of rest.

Media Sharing

In this mod apk you have full control over sharing photos, videos, and messages to your family and friends.

Increased Pin Chats

A maximum of 25–30 conversations can be pinned simultaneously.

Other characteristics of KB WhatsApp

  • You can switch your WhatsApp theme to one of the eye-catching ones in the theme shop.
  • By adjusting the upper bar and the bubbles on the right, you can alter the conversion screen’s shape and hue to suit your interests.
  • Additionally, you can alter the notifications’ size, color, and position.
  • You can save time by automatically replying to messages and scheduling messages on your WhatsApp.
  • Clients of KB can share more than 10 pictures at once via WhatsApp.
  • You can extend the status period to an hour.
  • Updated Pricavy and security features with password protections

The Pros and Cons of KB WhatsApp

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the most recent version of WhatsApp, which you will transfer to your smartphone.


  • The size of the most recent release is 16.00. Reduced varies with the device.
  • You can find it on UptoDown, latestgbapps, and Google Play.
  • The newest version, 16.00, has fewer advertisements.
  • You will enjoy a lot of these pros.
  • You can enhance your business using KB WhatsApp


  • After September 7, 2022, low-end products are not compatible.
  • Earlier versions are still available, such as 16.00.
  • You can only access certain functions online.
  • If you use specific functions you will be relaxed.

Updated Capabilities in KB WhatsApp’s Most Recent Version

The updated features listed below are only available in the most recent edition of this WhatsApp:

  • You can add an expression to a communication while chatting or conversing to make the exchange more engaging and productive. You can add words by clicking, holding on contact, and choosing the appropriate Emoji.
  • Audio recordings can be stopped and started again. Before sending audio files to the other party, you can listen to them.
  • The program has updated privacy controls and options for the most recent active user and profile picture.
  • The most recent version of KB includes a choice to “Search a Web.” WhatsApp
  • Make your favorite Emoji your profile image or display picture (display picture)

How do I install and download this WhatsApp?

For those unfamiliar with downloading KB WhatsApp, the following steps are important since third-party websites and the Google Play Store differ. Start your preferred web browser first, then search for the most current KB WhatsApp version.

  • Kindly wait patiently for the download to complete.
  • After that, go to Settings on your phone to view the Security settings.
  • Installing the Android file requires enabling “Unknown Resources” first.
  • Select the KB WhatsApp Downloads folder in the File Manager’s Downloads area.
  • Launch WhatsApp once the installation procedure is complete.
  • To join or create an account, you must enter a number.
  • In the next step, your phone number will be linked to a PIN.
  • After entering this code, you’ll be instantly upgraded to the most recent version of this WhatsApp.


You must remove the original WhatsApp app from your Android smartphone before installing a WhatsApp Plus version, such as KBWhatsApp Gold, Red, Blue, or Black.

Substitute for Computer

Do you want to use this WhatsApp on a Computer, iPhone, or iOS because you like it? But regrettably, this might not be compatible with Windows computers or iPhones. You can download the finest app replacement right now. You can use any of the many available alternatives to this software. Another option for using this on a PC is a free APK emulator.

KB Whatsapp Apk info

Final Words

The most excellent WhatsApp modification is this one. You can use additional functions with this version that you can’t with others. You can download WhatsApp status, conceal your online status, use different attractive themes you like, change your voice, and access many other features with this version that may interest you. 

So why are you still waiting? Now that Kb Whatsapp is available, you can use it with more functions. Please email us or remark below if you have questions about this or any other app. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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