MBWhatsApp APK Download v9.74 (Official) Latest Version 2023(Anti-Ban)


MB Whatsapp

Latest 2023

MB Whatsapp APK

MB WhatsApp APK is the modified version of the official WhatsApp. You get many extra features with MB WhatsApp instead of using the official WhatsApp.

  • Updated Version
  • Anti-Ban
  • WhatsApp Extra Features

Package: Freeware

App Size: ~ 64 MB AppSize

Version: Latestv9.74

AndroidVersion: 5.0&Above (Android 7.0+)

Purpose: Whatsapp Extra Features

LastAPKUpdate: Apk File Update 1 day ago

WhatsApp needs no introduction. The first step you would take after purchasing a smartphone is to download WhatsApp, an app every person uses. According to Statista, there are about 2 billion active users per month on WhatsApp, about 54% more than Facebook’s messenger. According to the 2021 Statista mark, WhatsApp is the king of communication. The number of active users of this App is increasing by half a billion every 2 years.

Have you ever noticed why people use this app while others have better quality and features? The answer is simply that it has no complex settings it is popular for its Easy use.

The popularity of WhatsApp does not mean that it is perfect. It needs to improve the user experience and add more features. This is why other WhatsApp versions, also called mods, exist to replace it. MB WhatsApp APK is one of the most popular WhatsApp mods that give users control over their communication.

MB Whatsapp APK Download

This article has covered all the details about this fantastic MOD, so keep reading to get all the details about it, along with a complete installation and download procedure. Let’s get started right away!

What is MB WhatsApp APK? Latest Version 2023

A modded version of the original Whatsapp is called MB WhatsApp. It has some features that are not included in a simple WhatsApp, so MB WhatsApp was introduced for better quality. It has features that make him more reliable and easy to use. Using this app makes you feel like you’re using an iPhone since it has the same theme and many of the features you found in iPhone WhatsApp.

Fouad WhatsApp is the basis for this app. Thus, it is updated nearly a week after every Fouad Mods update. All special features are available in MBWhatsapp iOS before appearing in the official WhatsApp app. Monthly, WhatsApp’s developer offers exclusive features and functions to improve the experience.

Download MB WhatsApp APK Latest Version for Android

There are some problems and limited features in the old version of MB WhatsApp APK.In terms of this need, MB WhatsApp updates their apk to solve problems.

The WhatsApp mod also offers advanced privacy options, such as blocking deleted messages, reading deleted messages, and freezing your last seen time. In addition to themes, emojis, and stickers, there are also many customization options. You can use MBWhatsApp to access many more advanced features not available on the official application. The best way to utilize these features is to install any new updates released for the mod as soon as they are released.

  • The ability to send and receive text and audio messages is improved.
  • In the new version, audio and video call quality is much better than other WhatsApp APKs.
  • The latest version provides high-quality communication.
  • The main feature of this version is a very low burden on mobile.
  • The latest version provides better privacy and backup for your data.
MB Whatsapp APK info

Features of MB Whatsapp APK Latest Version

If we talk about working with MB WhatsApp Apk, it’s the same as the original Whatsapp with some extra upgraded features. Most important we can customize themes, fonts, and lot’s more of MBWhatsapp according to our choice. If you are still confused, don’t worry. Below I’ll explain everything about MB Whatsapp Apk, and once you learn about its extraordinary features, you will definitely download this mod apk.

Profile Photo

In MB WhatsApp, you can change your profile photo from your camera and Gallery with emojis and stickers in simple WhatsApp. Only the camera and Gallery options are available, but the version profile will be changed with emojis and stickers in this mode.

Auto Reply

In MB WhatsApp, you can also set an auto-reply to a specific group. When someone tries to send you a message, then this feature replies automatically. This is used for business purposes where you said attractive reply.

Copy Caption

With this modded feature, users that can watch status can copy captions from other groups to the clipboard and use them in their position.

Reactions Feature

With MBWhatsApp, and you can now reply to any message in your inbox with an emoji. To respond, simply long-press the intended message and select your desired emoji. Depending on the sender’s message, you can customize emoji reactions with one or several emojis or text.

Message A New Number

If your device does not have any saved contacts, you can use MBWhatsApp to send a message to one you haven’t saved.

Freeze Last Seen

This feature allows WhatsApp users to freeze the last seen status, which indicates the last time the user was active on the app. This feature will enable users to make their previously seen status appear the same even if they have recently used the app. 

Hide View Status

Using this option, your contacts will not know when you viewed a group through the viewers’ list. This setting allows you to watch as many status updates as you’d like without anyone knowing.

Whatsapp Lock

With this feature, users can lock their apps with their fingerprints, pins, or passwords. Private chats can be locked separately from public chats using this feature.

Show Blueticks After Reply

In MB WhatsApp, and this feature is attractive, allowing you to show bluetick to others when you want. Sometimes, if you become late for replying to anyone, this feature enables you to offer bluetick when you respond to him.

iPhone Emoji

In this latest version, you use iPhone emoji and an iPhone theme. You use an iPhone instead of an Android 

Anti-Delete Status

WhatsApp’s Anti-Delete Status feature protects a user’s status from being deleted by other users. When you view someone’s status update, they will not be able to remove it from their status list, and it will remain visible to you until it expires or you delete it. After a status update has been viewed, this feature prevents users from accidentally or intentionally deleting it, ensuring that it remains available for others to view.

MB WhatsApp APK Download and Installation Guide

There are many reasons for installing MB WhatsApp APK. You can use it for only your business purposes. Otherwise, you can use this as a separate platform for your people. You can also use it for the backup of your data.

  • MB WhatsApp is a third-party app. It does not become available on the Google Play store. You must have to follow the following steps to install MB WhatsApp.
  • Go to your official WhatsApp setting and back up your chat. This will save your data from losing.
  • Go to your folder, which contains MB Whatsapp APK, and click on it.
  •  Go to your setting and enable the unknown source option if required.
  • Click on the MB WhatsApp apk. 
  • The install option will appear on your screen.
  • Click on the install button.
  • From here, you can install MB WhatsApp APK.
  • You’ve all done, chat with your dear ones, and enjoy
MB WhatsApp APK Download and Installation Guide
MB Whatsapp APK Download guide


  • It is free to use
  • A more excellent range of customization options.
  • Privacy protection for users.
  • Safe to use.
  • You don’t have to pay a penny for it.


  •  It cannot be used on phones with official Whatsapp installed.
  • Downloading it from 3rd party websites is the only way to get it since it isn’t available on the Google Play store.
  • It must be updated from time to time. Otherwise, its old version does not perform well.
  1. Select Chats > Backup > Save from WhatsApp settings (if you already have it installed). …
  2. Ensure that you have enabled the option to install APKs from unknown sources on your device. …
  3. Go to the place where you saved the MBWhatsApp APK file.

Yes, it is 100% safe and free to download and install.

Third-party developers have developed a modified version of the original WhatsApp.

The latest version of this app should be installed on your device. Visit latestgbapps.com to check the update of this app.

Final Words

If you are a new user of any other version of WhatsApp, your choice is delicious. This app provides many features that are very efficient and easy to use. Then why are you waiting to download the app and enjoy the new features of MB WhatsApp APK? I hope this will not disappoint you.

Get the WhatsApp mod from this site right now and install it on your phone. You can experiment with its new features and functions at your own pace.

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