NS WhatsApp 3D APK Download v9.83 (Updated) Latest Android Version | Anti Ban

NS Whatsapp 3D

NS Whatsapp3D

Latest 2023

NSWhatsapp 3D APK

The NS APK is the modified version of the official WhatsApp. You get many extra features with NS Whatsapp APK instead of using the official WhatsApp.

  • Updated Version
  • Anti-Ban
  • WhatsApp Extra Features

Package: Freeware

App Size: ~ 84 MB AppSize

Version: Latestv9.83

AndroidVersion: 4.1&Above (Android)

Purpose: Whatsapp Extra Features

LastAPKUpdate: Update 1 day ago

WhatsApp Messenger is a popular app that every person uses in daily life for personal and business use. People use WhatsApp to share their messages, photos, documents, video files, and business models and to communicate with loved ones over the Internet. Facebook acquired the company in 2014 after it was founded in 2009 by two former Yahoo employees.

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that only the sender and recipient can read a message, and not even WhatsApp can access it. WhatsApp is available on both iOS and Android devices, as well as on desktop computers via the WhatsApp Web and Desktop apps.

Besides one-on-one messaging, WhatsApp allows users to create group chats, make voice and video calls, and share their location. Over 2 billion active WhatsApp users worldwide as of 2021 make it an increasingly popular tool for personal and business communication.

What is NS WhatsApp 3D APK? Latest Version 2023

The APK is a modified version of WhatsApp that includes additional features not found in the original app and is developed by Nairton Silva. As the trend of using the WhatsApp app increase day by day, this mod version is introduced which attracts people with all the features required for easy use. NS WhatsApp 3D APK is entirely different from other WhatsApp modes like YO WhatsApp and AZ WhatsApp.

NSWhatsapp 3D APK Download

NSWhatsApp 3D APK is a unique feature that allows users to customize more efficiently without any limits. In the original Whatsapp that is downloaded from Google Play Store this feature and many other features are missing, So why user downloads this app from our website to use all the benefits?

NSWhatsApp Blue

NSWhatsApp 2 Red

NSWhatsApp 3 Orange

Features of APK

If we talk about working with NS WhatsApp 3D Apk, it’s the same as the original Whatsapp with some extra upgraded features. Most important we can customize themes, fonts, and lot’s more of NS WhatsApp 3D Apk according to our choice. If you are still confused, don’t worry. Below I’ll explain everything about NS whatsapp Apk, and once you learn about its extraordinary features, you will definitely download this mod apk.

Automatic Update

In this modded feature, when the app needs to update, then it will take place automatically and user can use quickly and smoothly. The advantage of this type of software is that it can be kept up-to-date with the latest features, bug fixes, and security updates without the user having to take any action.

Anti-Ban Option

In NS 3D APK, You can use this fantastic feature. This is made for those who fear our data will be deleted if this app is banned. So they do not worry. It has a robust anti-ban policy. No one can deny this app or disturb you.  

Having Automatic reply

Due to this feature, You can set your auto-reply for business purposes. When you receive a message in groups or personal chats, you can send the message set for an auto-reply. Once you place auto-reply, it is delivered to all people automatically so that this mod feature will save you time. 

Sharing Large Files

In the original Whatsapp, You cannot share your large files completely. The data will be lost from your shared file. But in this mod apk, you can share large files without loss of data and features. Moreover, you can also send your large-size images and videos without losing any effects, visuals, and quality. In original WhatsApp, you have to send large files one by one, but in this mod apk, you can send your large files in one click. 

Chat Locks

In NS Whatsapp APK, You can lock your private chat, and only you can see. It is protected by a fingerprint, pin, and face lock also used for this feature. Sometimes you hide your mobile when someone moves toward you, In this time, you will use this feature for better protection.

Font Style

Simply goes to settings and tap the phone style button to choose your font. Which font you choose will be automatically edited to the theme. In NS WhatsApp APK, you can change font styles to 40+ fonts. Which are very attractive to other modded WhatsApp. 

Hide online status

Hide online status is also present in this mod apk. This feature will not show your contacts that you are online or offline. With this feature, you can stay hidden from your friends, relatives, and members. This will be helpful in your busy time.

Home Themes

In WhatsApp APK, You can also change your theme. In this feature which themes do you like more or look better applied to your home? There are seven different themes available. In this latest downloaded app.

How To Back Up NS WhatsApp Chat

It is important to back up your files to keep them safe. Technical problems can sometimes cause the loss of important files and information. You will unlikely lose your files if you enable the backup system.

  • Step 1: Go to the home screen of NS WhatsApp.
  • Step  2: Click on the three dots in the right sidebar.
  • Step  3: Select the Setting option from the menu.
  • Step 4: Next, you’ll find the Chats option. Click it again.
  • Step 5: Now you find chat backup, tap on it, and find the Back-Up option in the green bar. Save the file on Google Drive by selecting your Google Account or Gmail address.
  • Step 6: Click the green Back-Up button to complete the backup of your files.

How to Download and Install

There are many reasons for installing NS 3D APK. You can use it for only your business purposes. Otherwise, you can use this as a separate platform for your people. You can also use it for the backup of your data.

  • First of all download mod APK file from our website
  • Then go to file manager on your Android phone where the latest file is saved
  • Tap on the file and click on the right button
  • Click on the install button and wait a few seconds
  • When the installation is complete then click on the finish button
  • Your work is all done now enjoy the installed mod game 
NS Whatsapp 3D APK installation guide


  • You can do Group Call from the screen
  • You can secretly record group messages
  • Multiple Languages Support
  • Privacy and Security features are updated
  • You can reply by swiping text messages
  • All bug fixes and upgradation of previous features
  • Addition of new emojis and new emoticons
  • You can activate group calls and allows the function of stickers


  • Not available on the google play store.
  • You can download this APK from third-party websites.
  • It must be updated from time to time. Otherwise, its old version does not perform well.

This application modifies the original WhatsApp application. All the features of the official one are available, such as chatting and making. Functionally and characteristically, it differs. Your user experience is enhanced by some upgraded and new features.

Yes, it is 100% safe and free to download and install. It must be updated from time to time. Otherwise, its old version does not perform well.

The official app store does not have the NS WhatsApp 3D APK. It may therefore be necessary to search our website in order to download it. However, downloading applications from unknown sources can be risky, so it is essential to take precautions and ensure that the reference is trustworthy.

The latest version of this app should be installed on your device. Visit latestgbapps.com to check the update of this app.

NS WhatsApp 3D APK includes features such as customizing the user interface, using multiple accounts, hiding online status, etc. Depending on the application version, the exact features may vary.

NS Whatsapp 3D APK info

Final Words

In order to clear your mind, I would like to inform you that this is totally based on GB WhatsApp. Additionally, it has a 3D appearance. The NS WhatsApp APK gives you an excellent communication experience. In this way, Android users can connect and communicate with their friends and family around the globe.

Thanks for taking the time to read about this APK, and I hope you will recommend it to your friends on social media. Feel free to leave a comment below if you encounter any problems while downloading this NS WhatsApp 3D Apk. So that we can resolve your issue as soon as possible, please let us know as soon as possible.

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