OBWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest v41 | Anti-Ban Updated 2023


OBWhatsapp APK

Latest 2023

OBWhatsapp APK

OBWhatsApp APK is the modified version of the official WhatsApp. You get many extra features with OB WhatsApp instead of using the official WhatsApp.

  • Updated Version
  • Anti-Ban
  • WhatsApp Extra Features

License: Freeware

App Size: ~63.0 MB AppSize

Version: Latest v41.0

AndroidVersion: 5.0&Above (Android)

Purpose: Enjoy Whatsapp Extra Features

LastAPKUpdate: Apk File Update 1 day ago

One of the most well-known variants of WhatsApp is the OBWhatsApp APK, which has a tonne of extra special features not found in the original WhatsApp. In addition to these extra features, you can download a friend’s status, hide the second tick in chats, and hide the last seen status. You’ll appreciate switching to this WhatsApp APK as your messaging application. While it has some security flaws, it has many helpful features that make it worth trying. Millions of users worldwide adore it because it is one of the most advanced modifications of the original WhatsApp.

More Info About OB WhatsApp APK?

OB One of the most popular and widely used chatting applications, WhatsApp, has a modified version called WhatsApp. Everyone enjoys this application’s wide variety of features and capabilities. By changing the settings, you can use a feature to turn off the indication that you’ve received and viewed messages.

OBWhatsapp APK

You can also record the audio by clicking on the recording mark. With WhatsApp OB  advanced audio recording features, you can listen to audio recordings without continually pressing each recording separately.


The main feature of OB Whatsapp is, you can run this app and enjoy it’s features with a low internet connection or if you have a shortage of MBs. This app will run properly in a low MB.

Features of OBWhatsapp Latest version

The popular messaging service WhatsApp has been altered to create OB WhatsApp, which adds new features not present in the original program. Some of OB WhatsApp’s primary functions are listed below:

Attributes Of Customization

OB Users can customize their messaging experience with WhatsApp using various customization tools. Users can customize the app’s font, background, and color scheme to fit their tastes

Safety and Security

Two essential components of OB WhatsApp are privacy and security. End-to-end encryption is a feature of the app, ensuring the security and confidentiality of all communications sent and received through it. The software also has options for reading receipts, typing indicators, and hiding the “online” state.

Media Exchange

WhatsApp ob has several media-sharing features that make it simple for users to send their contacts images, videos, and other files. App users can transmit files in various formats, including PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and large files up to 100MB.

Options For Advanced Messaging

OB Numerous cutting-edge messaging features that WhatsApp provides improve the chat experience. For instance, users can use the app to broadcast messages to many contacts at once and plan messages to be sent later. The software also provides users with various emoticons and stickers to express themselves in their messages.

Setting Auto-Replies and Messages

In case you are too busy to respond, you can set up an auto-reply that will be sent to your contact. Messages can be scheduled to be sent at a particular time and day.

Recent Theme Shop

The updated theme store in the most current version of OB WhatsApp APK includes contemporary, fashionable themes to give your WhatsApp a fresh look. When you grow tired of one subject, you can choose another. More than 4,000 themes are present in the most recent edition.

Free WhatsApp Status

You will have special capabilities for Facebook status. You can download any status posted by a friend, hide the status view, and even update your WhatsApp status with a longer-than-30-second video.

Ability to Control Messages

You will have power over notifications in WhatsApp APK. Notifications can be customized in appearance, color, style, and category.

iPhone Design

The OB WhatsApp  APK is for you if you enjoy using WhatsApp in an iPhone manner. You can change the WhatsApp interface to look like an iPhone in this mod.

Privacy Options in OB Whatsapp

  • Your last active and online state can be hidden in your OB WhatsApp APK.
  • Forward message tags can be hidden in discussions.
  • You can conceal the typing, recording, blue, and second clock statuses.
  • You can choose which people can phone you.
OBWhatsapp privacy features
OBWhatsapp privacy features

Pros and cons of Whatsapp OB

Pros of WhatsApp

  • Special Bonuses
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Greater Individualization
  • Use Is Gratis
  • Accessible on desktop and mobile devices.

Cons of Whatsapp

  • Security dangers
  • WhatsApp has banned
  • Problems with Compatibility
  • Absence of Assistance
connect ob whatsapp to wifi

Download and install Whatsapp OB

For instructions on how to obtain WhatsApp OB , see the list below:

  • First and foremost, you must make a backup of all of your data.
  • Uploading your backup to Drive will prevent it from being lost.
  • After receiving it, you must select the notification to delete the official WhatsApp app from your device.
  • Set your phone’s settings to enable apps from unknown sources.
  • You can download the most recent version of this WhatsApp by clicking the link in this piece.
  • Put the OB WhatsApp App file into use.
  • Fill out all the forms.
  • There should be no missing fields.
  • Your most recent OB WhatsApp is now available for use.
  • Conregulations! You are ready to use Whatsapp OB.

We have updated the OB WhatsApp App to the most recent version.

The steps listed below should be followed if you get a message asking you to upgrade your WhatsApp APK to the most recent version:

  • When you click the download option,  WhatsApp  APK will download, and you can then start using the most recent version of your new WhatsApp.
  • Visit Adds now, select Updates, and then look for a new version. This option will let you know if a new update is released.
  • Enjoy your updated OB Whatsapp


The OB Whatsapp APK Developer fixed all the ban issues, so now you can download it without fear of being banned.

OB WhatsApp is a modified version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp.

OB Customizable themes, notification tones, and conversation bubbles are just a few of WhatsApp’s distinctive features. Additionally, it has a function that lets users see who has blocked them, and it defaults to being in Arabic.

You can use both the original WhatsApp app and OB WhatsApp concurrently on the same device.

No, as of right now, WhatsApp is only accessible on Android-powered smartphones. you can learn more about it and ask questions on Quora

Various websites or forums that offer the APK file for installation allow you to obtain WhatsApp. To prevent possible security risks, it’s crucial to download the app from a reputable and trusted source, from latestgbapps

Bottom Lines

Many Whatsapp Mods are available like GBWhatsapp and NA Whatsapp. A modified variation of the original WhatsApp, OB WhatsApp APK, offers several unique features. One of these options is the language’s default choice of Arabic. Users can customize themes, notification tones, notification styles, and chat bubbles to suit their tastes. You can see who has banned you, which is an impressive feature. In addition, users can choose the light or dark option, depending on their preferences.

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