What Does CFS and NFS Mean on Instagram?

CFS and NFS are like hidden codes on Instagram that people use to connect and share cool stuff. Imagine Instagram as a big playground with lots of games and secret handshakes. CFS and NFS are secret handshakes that make the playground more fun.

By understanding the meanings and applications of CFS and NFS, you can navigate the Instagram playground with finesse, inviting friends to follow your journey. At the same time, you are sharing the gems you’ve discovered while respecting the boundaries of privacy and personal intent. 

As you explore these secret handshakes, remember that the dynamics of social media can evolve, so staying updated with the latest trends ensures you’re making the most of these features in the ever-changing landscape of Instagram. Enjoy the journey!

In this article, we will dive into the basic meaning of CFS and NFS meaning on Instagram.


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CFS Mean On Instagram 

CFS has different meanings on Instagram, but the most common are “Come Follow Me” or “Close Friends Story.”

1. CFS means “Come Follow Me.” It’s like someone saying, “Hey, I’m doing cool things on my profile, and I’d love it if you followed me to see them. It’s a way to invite people to check out your posts and be friends on Instagram.

2. CFS, or Close Friends Story, is a valuable feature on Instagram that allows you to share select photos, posts, and videos within a private story accessible only to a designated group of followers, known as your close friends.

How To Create CFS?

Creating a Close Friends Story (CFS) on Instagram allows you to share your story content with a select group of followers, providing more privacy and control over who can view it. Here’s how to create a CFS on Instagram:

1. Open Instagram

Launch the Instagram app on your device. Ensure you’re logged into the account where you want to create the Close Friends Story.

2. Navigate to Close Friends

Look for the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner of your profile page. Tap on this icon to access additional options.

How To Create CFS?

3. Select Close Friends

Among the options, you’ll find “Close Friends.” Tap on this option to access the Close Friends list.

Select Close Friends

4. Add Followers to the Close Friends List

On the Close Friends page, you can select followers from your followers’ list to include them in your Close Friends list. This list will consist of users you want to share exclusive content with.

What Does CFS and NFS Mean on Instagram

5. Access Your Story

Tap your profile picture in the upper-left corner or swipe right from your main feed to access the story camera.

6. Create Your Story

Capture a photo or video for your story by tapping the white circle button at the bottom of the screen or by swiping up to access your camera roll and select content to share.

7. Access Close Friends

After capturing or selecting your content, you’ll see a screen where you can add stickers, text, or other elements to your story. Look for the “Close Friends” option, usually represented by a green and white star icon.

What is CFS

8. Select Close Friends

Tap the “Close Friends” option, and you’ll be presented with a list of your close friends on Instagram.

9. Share Your Close Friends Story

Once you’ve selected your close friends, tap the “Send” button (usually a white arrow on a pink background).

Importance Of CFS

This feature holds several advantages that are described below.

  • This feature has garnered popularity, especially among those seeking to maintain privacy and control over their content, including businesses with Instagram accounts.
  • For business accounts, Close Friends Story provides an excellent opportunity to engage with followers more exclusively, setting certain content apart from their public posts.
  • This functionality allows you to limit the audience for your Instagram stories by creating a personalized list of close friends.
  • With Close Friends Story, you can carefully curate the individuals who can view your Instagram story content, providing privacy and control over what you share. 
  • You can share personal moments or content with a select group by excluding unknown followers and only including specific users in your close friend list.


Close Friends Story feature applies solely to Instagram stories. You can’t use it to restrict who sees your regular Instagram posts, photos, or videos on your account. The content you share in regular posts will follow your account’s privacy settings and be visible to all your followers based on those settings.

NFS Meaning On Instagram

NFS means “Not for Sale.” It’s a way to show that something you’re sharing isn’t something you want to sell, but you want to share it with others because you think it’s awesome. It’s like saying, Look at this amazing thing, but I’m not trying to profit from it; I want to share the awesomeness.

NFS commonly stands for “Need for Speed,” referring to the popular car racing video game series. When discussing car racing games on Instagram, using NFS indicates a reference to speed and the exciting aspects of racing games.

NFS Meaning On Instagram Gaming Pages

NFS commonly stands for “Need for Speed,” referring to the popular car racing video game series. When discussing car racing games on Instagram, using NFS indicates a reference to speed and the exciting aspects of racing games.

NFS in Instagram DMs 

In Instagram Direct Messages (DMs), NFS is often used as an acronym for “No funny sh*t.” It conveys a serious tone, signals a desire to end jokes, or indicates that the conversation should stay free from humorous or light-hearted content.

This meaning of “NFS” in Instagram DMs reflects a request for more serious or straightforward communication during a chat.

Additional Meanings of “NFS” on Instagram

On Instagram, NFS can represent “No Filter Sunday.” This hashtag is used by Instagram users when they post photos without applying filters, particularly on Sundays. It emphasizes the natural and unedited aspects of the photos.

Not Following Specified is another meaning of “NFS” on Instagram related to the follower relationship. It’s a way to specify that the person’s account isn’t reciprocating the following.

Yes, you can use both CFS and NFS in the same post. For example, you could use CFS to invite followers to see more of your posts and NFS to indicate that a particular item you’re showcasing is unavailable for purchase.

Yes, you can edit your Close Friends list on Instagram. You can add or remove users from the list, allowing you to control who can view your Close Friends Story.

No, the Close Friends Story feature applies only to Instagram stories. Regular posts (photos, videos, captions) follow your account’s privacy settings and are visible to all your followers based on those settings.


In the vibrant world of Instagram, CFS (Close Friends Story) and NFS (Not for Sale) brings unique meanings and functionalities to enhance the user experience. CFS is a great way to share personal moments or content with a select group of followers, ensuring that only those you’ve designated as close friends can view these stories.

On the other hand, NFS serves as a powerful label when you want to share something remarkable but explicitly state that it’s not available for purchase. This distinction is essential, especially for creators, artists, or individuals who want to showcase their work without the intention of selling it. 

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