WhatsApp Announce Meta Quest Compatibility As a Linked Device

WhatsApp announces a new update through Google Play Beta Program and making its way to Meta’s popular VR headsets, known as Meta Quest. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, and WhatsApp are collaborating to integrate the secure messaging app into the Meta Quest VR headset as a linked device. This feature is still under development and not public even for beta testers of this app and it will be available in the latest version 

There has been a significant increase in interest in the Meta Quest VR headset among virtual reality enthusiasts. The device provides an immersive experience, letting users interact with virtual environments and play games.

The Whatsapp team is working on adding Meta Quest as a linked device, which will be available in future updates. The upcoming compatibility with WhatsApp will enhance the functionality of the Meta Quest headset, allowing users to communicate and message within the VR environment with the contacts they have on WhatsApp.

Question In Your MindTheir Answers
Upcoming Feature Name?Meta Quest- Linked Device On Whatsapp
Status Of this feature?Under Development Process
Available Now?You can connect your existing Whatsapp account with Meta Quest in the upcoming update
Meta Quest - Linked Device

Meta Quest- Linked Devices

There is no doubt that Whatsapp is trying its best and announcing new features every week. In the previous Whatsapp beta update for Android, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that users now have the ability to connect their Whatsapp accounts with Ray-Ban Stories. It clearly shows the availability of Whatsapp on their Tech Devices as many users were demanding this feature. Now that WhatsApp can be connected to Ray-Ban, users can read messages, send messages with end-to-end privacy, and most importantly, they can make phone calls with full privacy through WhatsApp.

But now Whatsapp announce a new update which will be available in the upcoming version and in future update, linking of Whatsapp account with Meta Quest.

WhatsApp Announce Meta Quest Availability As a Linked Device
Picture published by WABetaInfo

Here in this picture published by WABetaInfo, now you can Link your already created Whatsapp account with Meta Quest, and your dashboard will look like this after enabling this feature, but you have to wait a few days because this new feature is under development process.

This announcement brings exciting news, especially for enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the launch of Meta Quest 3, the highly anticipated VR headset from Meta. Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed that the Meta Quest 3 would be offered at a reduced price, making it more accessible to a wider audience.


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Previously, some users attempted to install WhatsApp on the Meta Quest device through unofficial means, as the official version was not available. However, with the latest development, a new feature will allow users to seamlessly link their existing WhatsApp accounts to their Meta Quest devices, providing a native and official integration.

Additionally, intriguing information has emerged from the WhatsApp beta for Android update. It hints at an upcoming release of WhatsApp for iPad, expanding the app’s reach to another popular platform. This development further fuels anticipation among users, who eagerly await the enhanced WhatsApp experience on both VR headsets and iPads.

The integration of WhatsApp with Meta Quest and the potential release of WhatsApp for iPad showcase Meta’s commitment to expanding the capabilities and accessibility of their devices. Users can look forward to a more immersive and connected experience as they engage with their favorite messaging app on these innovative platforms.

The information about the integration of WhatsApp with Meta Quest is based on discoveries made in the WhatsApp beta for Android update, which has not yet been made public. As a result, the official connection between WhatsApp and Meta Quest is still in the development stage. Currently, there is limited information available regarding the specific steps involved in linking an existing WhatsApp account to the VR device and the compatibility requirements for the integration.

Although the exact details are not yet known, it is reasonable to assume that Meta and WhatsApp are working to ensure that communications between the VR headset and WhatsApp are protected by end-to-end encryption, similar to the security measures implemented in Ray-Ban Stories.


If you update the device and still do not see any availability of this feature within your app, don’t worry, because this feature is still in under development process and not available even for beta testers of this app. This new feature will be available in the upcoming weeks.

As the development progresses, more information is expected to be released, providing clarity on how users can establish the connection between their existing WhatsApp accounts and the Meta Quest VR headset. Additionally, further details regarding compatibility and the overall user experience will likely be shared, ensuring a seamless integration of WhatsApp into the immersive VR environment of Meta Quest.

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