How to Fix It When WhatsApp Images and Videos Are Not Showing in Gallery

By default, all types of media, such as videos and images, are automatically saved in the gallery. In fact, there is a dedicated WhatsApp folder inside your gallery app through which you can rewatch all the received images and video files. However, sometimes these files get missing or become hard to find.

If you are looking for a way to tackle this issue, let us help you. Here is how you should save pics and videos in your gallery app on Android and camera roll on iOS.


Auto download can only be done on a phone and tablet. You need to manually permit the files to download when downloading the media files.

Reasons behind media saving errors:

The reason behind this error can be because of an incorrect app setting. Other reasons can be a lack of internet connection or a damaged sd card. Sometimes looking in the wrong folder can also be the reason behind missing media files.

Fixing WhatsApp media download issues on Android and iOS devices can be done by following these steps:

WhatsApp Images and Videos Are Not Showing in Gallery

1. Check the correct folder:

Media files downloaded from WhatsApp are typically stored in different locations based on the device platform. On Android devices, these files are saved in the “WhatsApp” folder within the Internal Storage. On the other hand, iOS devices store these files under the “My Albums” category in the Photos app, rather than in the standard Downloads or Pictures folders.

WhatsApp Images Are Not Showing in Gallery

2. Enable auto-save option:

To save pictures automatically, enable the auto-save option in WhatsApp settings. On iOS, go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Save to Camera Roll. On Android, go to Settings > Storage and data > Media auto-download, and choose which media types to download on different connections.


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3. Adjust download preferences:

Android and iOS WhatsApp apps allow you to customize media download preferences, specifying which media files should automatically download and under which internet connections. On iOS, go to Settings > Storage and Data. On Android, go to Settings > Storage and Data> Media auto-download.

4. Enable Media visibility on Android:

To ensure that WhatsApp pictures are visible in the Gallery or file explorer on Android devices, make sure to enable Media visibility in the WhatsApp settings. You can find this option by going to Settings > Chats in WhatsApp. By turning on Media visibility, you will be able to see and access your WhatsApp pictures seamlessly.

5. Enable Media visibility for individual users on Android:

To ensure media from a particular user is displayed, follow these steps: access the chat with the user in question, tap on their profile name, choose Media visibility, select Yes, and confirm by selecting OK.

6. Adjust download settings for specific users or groups on iPhone:

Check the Save to Camera Roll settings for particular users or groups and ensure it is set to Default or Always.

7. Check internet connection:

Ensure you have a steady internet, as media files won’t download if you are not connected to Wi-Fi or have set preferences for Wi-Fi-only downloads.

WhatsApp Videos Are Not Showing in Gallery

8. Free up storage space:

If your device has insufficient space, WhatsApp won’t download media. Clear up storage space on your iPhone or Android phone. In fact, clearing up storage is very important because it can be the potential reason behind this issue. 

Free up storage WhatsApp Images and Videos Are Not Showing in Gallery

9. Check the SD card:

If you use an SD card, check if it is damaged, as this can prevent data saving.

10. Disable read-only mode on the SD card:

 If the SD card is in read-only mode, new data cannot be written to it. Disable read-only mode to allow media downloads.

11. Check the device’s time zone:

WhatsApp may prevent downloading media like pictures and videos if the time displayed on your tablet or smartphone does not correspond to your location. To resolve this, you can enable automatic time detection on your iPhone or Android smartphone or manually adjust the time settings.

12. Save photos manually:

To save a photo, tap on the share icon in the WhatsApp app and choose the option to save it manually. You can also send it to other locations or apps. Moreover, you can also send it to a connected app.

13. Use screenshots:

As a last resort, take a screenshot of the image within the WhatsApp conversation to save it. This way might affect the quality of the image but helps you save the picture in the long run. This method is effective for Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

14. Screen recording for videos:

 If all else fails, use screen recording to save WhatsApp videos on your device. Following these steps, you can resolve minor issues related to saving videos, photos, and files from WhatsApp on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

 If the media files are corrupted, you can try the following steps:

  • Open the respective folder on your device storage where WhatsApp media is saved.
  • Delete the corrupted files.
  • Request the contributor to resend the media files.
  • If the issue persists, reinstall WhatsApp after backing up your chats and media.

Yes, you can try the following:

  • Open your gallery app’s settings.
  • Ensure no specific filters or folders are excluded from displaying WhatsApp media.
  • Confirm that the gallery app is set to scan for new media files.

Yes, third-party gallery apps on app stores can handle media files from WhatsApp more efficiently. You can try installing alternative gallery apps like Google Photos, QuickPic, or Piktures to see if they can display the WhatsApp media not appearing in the default gallery app.

Reinstalling WhatsApp can sometimes resolve issues related to media not appearing in the gallery. However, before reinstalling, back up your chats and media, as reinstalling WhatsApp may delete your existing data. After reinstalling, restore your backup and check if the media files are visible in the gallery.


In conclusion, resolving the issue of WhatsApp images and videos not showing in the gallery requires a systematic approach. Start by enabling media visibility in WhatsApp settings and checking for filters or exclusions in the gallery app. Restarting the device, clearing the gallery app’s cache, and resetting preferences can also help.

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