Whatsapp Editing Feature: Now You Can Edit Messages With A 15-Minute Time Limit

Wait is finally over! WhatsApp now lets you edit messages with a 15-minute time limit. Because now WhatsApp announces it’s the most demanding feature of message editing, most people were patiently waiting for this feature and now you can edit your message within a time span of 15 minutes.

Still Shocked? But it’s true.

We all know WhatsApp is a popular message-sending and receiving app and billions of people all over the world use it daily. But the main issue everyone faced was if by mistake they deliver the wrong text they can’t edit it. The only option they have is to delete the message or mention the correct message again, due to this it was very time-consuming and irritating most of the time.

But now Mark Zuckerberg in his Facebook post shared details that users now can edit their messages within 15 minutes after sending a message. And most importantly the receiver will not see the edit history or any type of notification and believe me or not it’s a huge achievement from a WhatsApp team.

WhatsApp is constantly working hard and trying its best to bring new and advanced features time-to-time and the ‘edit message” feature was one of them for which users were waiting patiently.


You can edit your text within a time limit of 15 minutes, after that, you will not be able to use this feature.

How to edit a Text Message?

You may have a question in mind about how to edit this message, and the answer is very simple.

  • First of all press and hold on a message you want to edit.
  • You will see a drop-down menu with an option to edit the message.
  • Now click on this option and an “edited” tag next to the time stamp to indicate that the messages have been edited.
  • The app will not show that this message is corrected, and no correction history will show.
  • A user on the other side will only see the corrected message, and the previous version of the wrong text will not be visible to users
  • In upcoming weeks this feature will be available to everyone
 WhatsApp now lets you edit messages with a 15-minute time limit
Image Credit: Whatsapp

After the announcement of this feature, now users have more control over their chat because if by mistake they send the wrong message or the spelling of their text is wrong. It will become easy now to correct misspelled messages or to add extra content in previous messages without showing edited history.

Features available on Telegram, Signal, and Twitter

Many WhatsApp competitors like Telegram and Signal are available, and they are trying their best to compete with them. And the “Edited Message” option was already available on Telegram & Signal, and they allow their user to correct the wrong text. Another popular operating System is iOS 16, in which Apple introduced the edited text functionality to its users. if they don’t like the message they can easily “unsend” the text message or on the other side if they just want to edit they can easily edit the message sent through iMessage.

Last Year In September, Twitter, the social media platform owned by Elon Musk, made a public announcement that they were testing the edit message option. This feature was subsequently released to subscribers who paid for the service.


According to Jay Sullivan, the head of consumer products at Twitter, the ability to edit tweets had been the most requested feature by users for many years.

In a blog post, Twitter expressed its intention to make tweeting a more approachable and less stressful experience with the availability of the Edit Tweet feature. They emphasized the importance of allowing users to participate in conversations in a way that feels comfortable and effortless, while also acknowledging their ongoing efforts to explore additional ways to achieve this.

Final Words

After using this feature I can clearly say that now we have more control over our chat because correcting the message is very easy and fast instead of sending another message with details about why we are sending the text again. Most of the time when we send a corrected message it confuses the receipt why we are sending the message again and again. And on the other side if we delete the wrong text it shows a notification “This message was deleted” which was also very confusing. But now the solution to this problem is announced by WhatsApp :

“You only have to do is press and hold the sent message, and click on the edit option but make sure you can only do this within a time limit of 15-minutes”

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