WaBetaInfo reports that WhatsApp users now have the option to send high-resolution images

Attention all WhatsApp users! Get ready to say goodbye to pixelated and low-quality images because the popular messaging app has finally rolled out a new feature that allows you to send high-resolution photos. We know that Whatsapp is a popular message-sending and receiving app, but along with this, we use this app for sharing images of favorite moments with friends or family. Many users were facing the issue, when they received pictures they became blurry and most of the time difficult to understand. To maintain the quality of fast data sharing and receiving, Whatsapp automatically reduces the quality of images by 70% (percent) by default.

We ran into a major problem when trying to upload our WhatsApp images to social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, because of the poor quality. But now the wait is finally over WhatsApp Rolls Out Option to Send High-Resolution Images

WhatsApp Rolls Out Option to Send High-Resolution Images

How Does the New WhatsApp Feature Work?

According to WABetaInfo, Whatsapp is now allowing its users to send high-resolution images, by updating the latest beta versions of Whatsapp iOS from the TestFlight App and Whatsapp Android from Google Play Store. But this feature is only visible to some beta testers of this App, and it will be available to it’s end user in the upcoming days. Through this feature, users will be able to send HD-quality photos while maintaining their resolution.

There might be a question in your mind about which devices are compatible to use this HD photos feature that WABetaInfo rolling out. So the simple answer is this feature is only for those who installed the recent WABetaInfo Update of iOS from TestFligth App, but if you are an Android user you need to install Whatsapp Beta update of Android from Google Play Store.

You will be able to share high-quality photos without losing their resolution after installing the update on both iOS and Android devices but keep in mind that the HD bubble will appear at the top of your app and you must select it to send HD pictures.

WhatsApp users now have the option to send high-resolution images

It is obvious from the screenshot above that now it is 100% possible to send large-quality photos, but you will need to open the photo in large size and select the option to send it in HD quality, otherwise, only the default settings of Whatsapp photos will be applied. If you choose this option, it doesn’t mean that your photo will be sent in its original quality because the dimension of your images will be protected as well as light compression will be applied.

When you choose the “high quality” option to send a photo, it gets marked as a high-quality image. This adds a special tag to the message bubble, letting the recipient know that this photo is sent by applying the high-quality photo feature. However, this feature only works for sharing images within conversations, not for videos or status updates. So, if you want to send a better-quality video, you’ll need to send it as a document instead.


The feature to send HD (High-Quality) photos is rolling out to a few beta testers that download the updated version of WhatsApp beta for Android from the Google Play Store and WhatsApp beta for iOS from the TestFlight app, and it will be available to end users over the coming weeks.

Final Words

WhatsApp’s rollout of high-resolution image support is an exciting development that will improve the user experience for millions of people. Now you can send much higher quality images without having to sacrifice resolution or detail, which makes sharing special moments with your friends and family even more enjoyable. With this new feature, WhatsApp has made it easier than ever to stay connected with the people you care about most.

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