Why Don’t I Have Instagram Notes?

Are you tired of feeling like you’re missing out on a secret feature within the world of Instagram? Suppose having the perfect tool at your fingertips to capture those brilliant sparks of inspiration. But wait, you’ve scoured the profile menu, and there’s no sign of this magical Instagram Notes feature.

Fear not, for we’re about to unravel the issue, providing you with an easy fix to unleash the full potential of Instagram’s hidden gemIt ensures that you never let another brilliant idea slip through the cracks. Let’s uncover the key to harnessing the power of Instagram Notes, transforming your experience on the platform forever. 

What Is Instagram Notes Feature?

On December 13, 2022, Instagram introduced a feature, “Notes,” providing users a new way to share brief thoughts with their friends.An Instagram note is a short text message that can contain up to 60 characters. 

Just like Stories, these notes are temporary, lasting for 24 hours after being posted. The Notes feature is accessible on the Instagram mobile application for both Android and iPhone users, ensuring that only mutual friends and the user can view the note at the Chats list’s top.

How to Use Instagram Notes?

Here’s how you can use the Notes feature to share a note on Instagram:

  • Launch the Instagram app and tap the Direct Messaging icon (paper airplane) or Messenger icon at the top right of your Feed.
  • Select your profile picture atop the Chat list once in the Chats section.
  • Locate the “Share a thought” option, and compose your note. Keep in mind the 60-character limit for brevity.
  • Choose your desired audience for the note: followers you follow back or your close friends’ list.
  • When ready, tap the “Share” button to post your note.
  • It’s worth noting that notes automatically disappear after 24 hours. If you want to remove a note before that, tap on it and select “Delete the note.”

When someone replies to your note, it initiates a private conversation between you and that person. Importantly, the identities of those who viewed or replied to your notes remain private, making this feature a more personal and intimate way to share brief updates with your friends on Instagram.

How to Fix Instagram Notes Feature Not Showing?

The Instagram Notes feature is gradually being introduced to several countries, including the US, UK, Europe, and Japan. However, its availability might vary for some users. If you’re unable to find the Notes feature on your account, you can attempt the following steps to access it:

Method 1

Checking that you have the most recent installation of the Instagram app should fix the issue if the Notes feature is not displayed. Take these actions:

For  iPhone

  • Launch the App Store and look up “Instagram.”
  • If the Instagram app has an “Update” button next to it, press it to download the most recent version.

For Android

  • Visit the Play Store, and search for “Instagram,” if the “Update” option is visible next to the app, tap it to update to the latest version.
  • Once you’ve updated the app, open Instagram and check if you can see the Notes feature by clicking on the Messages icon. If this method doesn’t work, you can try the next steps.

Method 2

Another way to potentially access the Instagram Notes feature is by switching to a professional account. This step has been known to resolve various issues with the app.

  • Follow these steps to switch to a professional account:
  • Tap on your profile picture icon.
  • Access the options by clicking the three-line menu (hamburger menu).
Why Don't I Have Instagram Notes?
  • Select “Settings.”
instagram notes ideas
  • Locate and select “Switch to Professional Account.
how to enable notes on instagram
  • Tap on “Account type.”
Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your professional account.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your professional account.

After switching to the professional account, check if the “Notes” option appears. If it does, you can switch back to your account by repeating the above steps and selecting the appropriate account type.

Method 3

If you require help, you can contact the Instagram support team.Here’s the process:

  • Launch your Instagram account.
  • Click on the bottom option on the screen (typically the profile icon).
  • Tap your profile picture situated in the bottom right corner.
  • Select the triple bar icon (hamburger menu)
how to get instagram notes
  • Access the pop-up menu by tapping the three horizontal lines on the home page.
  • Select “Settings.”
instagram notes
  • Look for the option “Report a Problem” and click on it.
Look for the option "Report a Problem" and click on it.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Help.”
Report that you are not able to access the Notes feature.
  • Report that you are not able to access the Notes feature.

This way, you can directly inform Instagram about your issue with the Notes feature. 

Method 4

If the Notes feature isn’t available in your current location, you can try changing your location as a potential solution. Here are two methods you can consider:

Relocate to a Supported Area

Although this may not be feasible for most people, moving to an area where the feature is available is a direct way to access it if you’re in a position to do so.

  • Utilize a VPN to alter your virtual location.
  • Obtain a trustworthy VPN application from your device’s designated app store.
  • Choose a server location where the Notes feature is offered (e.g., US, UK, etc.).
  • Activate the VPN and ensure you’re connected to the selected server.
  • Log out of your account.
  • Log back into your account by using the VPN.

However, please be aware of the following:

  • It’s important to use a reliable and reputable VPN service.
  • Some VPNs might get detected by Instagram’s algorithm, potentially affecting the app’s performance or causing issues.
  • Be cautious when using VPNs for any activity, as they may not always guarantee complete privacy or security.

Remember, while using a VPN might provide a temporary workaround to access the feature from a different location, the availability of the Notes feature will likely expand over time, and it’s essential to ensure that any location changes or VPN usage comply with Instagram’s terms of service.


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Instagram is gradually rolling out the Notes feature to various countries, but it may not be accessible to all users yet. Check if it’s available in your location.

No, Instagram Notes is designed for sharing brief personal thoughts and updates, not for business promotions.

There’s no specific follower requirement for accessing Instagram Notes. Availability may vary based on other factors.


If you don’t have access to this feature yet, try updating your app, switching to a professional account, enabling activity status, or contacting Instagram support. Remember, Instagram’s rollout varies, so patience is key. 

If all else fails, you can consider location changes or using a VPN, but be mindful of potential privacy and security concerns. As Instagram’s Notes feature spreads, you’ll likely enjoy this creative tool quickly, making your Instagram experience even more engaging and interactive.

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